How to Have a Pro Mindset for Bloggers

When you struggle to find time for blogging, a lot of times you think that you are blogging as a hobby. You have a great idea. You have a passion for some area, for some activity, you have a skill to teach, and it’s a nice pastime. Basically in your free time you like to blog, but little by little you discover that more often than not it’s very difficult to blog sustainably this way, to create value for people if you’re not taking it seriously, if you’re not thinking as a professional. So, you have to have this pro mindset, professional attitude.

It’s not that difficult to have this professional attitude. It’s just the matter of simply doing the things that really create value in your business at the right time, in the right way, for the right people, and doing this no matter what. Imagine you are let’s say a carpenter, and your business is to help people with your carpenter skills. So, if you receive a call to your customer or a client, and it rings, you still have to do this. If you receive a call and you are not feeling very inspired to go to do the business you still have to work.

You still have to do the work, as Steven Pressfield says. It’s another author that’s very, very important to take notice to. Imagine yourself as a professional blogger. You don’t have to be literally a professional at this moment in your life. You can really have as a side project. I’m not saying you should quit your job or something and do the blogging full-time. Not at all. It’s not how it works, but really thinking in your mind that you’re professional and you will complete the tasks no matter what.

Let’s imagine a scenario that you have in your idea notebook, written down 10 tasks you have to do today, 10 blogging activities which would tremendously add value for your blogging success today, and you only complete five of them. Something comes up, you get distracted. You receive a phone call or a demand from somebody asking for you to do something. Guess what wan amateur blogger would do? He or she would really forget about blogging responsibility, and postpone it for the future, maybe indefinite future. Because let’s face it, five things, it’s very good for today, right?

Here’s what a professional would do. If the call you received is high priority on your list, then you will say yes to this activity, and you do that, but you will not forget that you have to complete five other tasks today on your blogging business. Maybe if your original idea was to work on those additional five things in your blogging in the afternoon you will have to stay up later, maybe half an hour, maybe one hour longer than you planned, just to make sure you completed this. And face the new day with new priorities, a new set of valuable and important activities that would add value for your blogging business, and for the people who are around you whom you are trying to help with your blogging.

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