How to Have a Focus for Bloggers

There are many things that are frustrating when you first try to blog. Coming up with ideas, finding time to do it are one of the top ones. Keeping the passion going when things get tough and having your eyes fixed on your purpose is another.

Whatever the case might be, I hope you’re taking blogging seriously because your life is very precious and time is short.

The thing that bloggers struggle a lot is really having a drive, so to say, a focus. A focus of mind when thinking about blogging in their days. Not only they get distracted, but during the difficult times, during the night, so to say, basically they are having a difficult time in keeping it going, pushing it through the challenges. Basically without having the drive no blogger can succeed. So where do you find this drive which will help you actually find and to make time for blogging itself?

The drive to me comes from my first thought in the morning when I wake up with the idea of who can I help today. This is my drive. I really think about that activity and I carry this idea of helping people throughout my day and I hope you will also do this with your blogging activities because having this initial drive to help people in whatever way you can not only will make the task of finding the time for blogging and making the time for blogging easier, but it actually will help you produce so much helpful content, so much helpful training for people that you actually won’t be able to keep up with this.

You will become an idea machine, as James Altucher says, so you have to not only find your purpose, your higher calling so to say, but also find this inner drive to help people. That’s what I wish to you today, and that’s what helped me in finding time for my blogging activities. That’s I believe will be tremendously valuable to you too.

Don’t think about blogging as a hobby, at least in your mind. Act like professional, commit to it no matter what. Complete your tasks you have for each day regardless how you feel about it.

You might be tired or stressed out but know this: if you’re working on your blogging business by taking small steps each day, the day will come when you’ll face success. But for this to happen you have to have drive and laser-sharp focus.

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