How to Get People to Leave a Comment on Your Blog

There are many reasons why people blog. Some people do it as a hobby. They just want to use blogging as a creative expression. Others use it as a marketing tool. Whatever you use it for you can get people to interact.

One of the things that Google likes is the interaction that is created through comments. The more comments that are left the more Google will like your post. Therefore, one of the goals that you probably have when writing is making sure the content is so good that it encourages comments. Sometimes, however, good content is not good enough. You might ask then, what do you do to get people to leave comments.

One of the things that you can do to get people to leave comments on your blog is to simply tell them what you want them to do. I know it seems pretty elementary to say that but many people fail to do this one simple thing. Somewhere in the body of the post you simply give the directive to leave a comment. One simple way to do this is to state at the end of your writing “If you like what you have read then share it with others by leaving a comment.” If you have paid for the information that you are sharing in the post state that you have paid for the information, that you are giving it for free and the only thing that you ask is that they show some love by leaving a comment. You get the idea.

Another goal that you might have is for people to share your blog on Facebook, Twitter, etc. The more shares that you get the more exposure you will get. The more exposure you get the more potential there is for leads and sales. Getting people to share you on social media is easy. Once again, you tell people what you want them to do. One of the most successful bloggers in the network industry simply tells his readers what he wants them to do. He puts the statement “share on Facebook” and “Share on Twitter” along with their respective buttons at the top of the page before any of the text is placed.

We tend to overestimate the savvy of our readers. We put our Facebook and Twitter buttons at the end of our blogs without any directions assuming that our readers will automatically know what we want them to do. Even if your post is really good and the readers really appreciate the content they more than likely won’t think of your needs unless you tell them what you need them to do. So, give your readers a chance to show you some love by stating what you want them to do.

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