How to Get Content Marketing Ideas From Your Readers

Coming up with content marketing topics and ideas on a daily basis can be challenging, especially when you write about a very specific industry. But there are always topics to write about and always ways to find inspiration, so fear not.

This guide is designed to provide you with some ideas on how to get content marketing inspiration from your readers.

Always Ask Questions

Once you have written a blog post, end it with a question or call to action for your readers. Keep your questions open-ended for a stronger response. These questions can also be syndicated on your social media pages for an even wider response.

Research has found that questions asked on Facebook generate 100% more comments than standard posts, as they require a response from the reader. As such, when an opportunity arises, ask your followers questions and see what kind of a response you get. From the feedback generated, you can turn many of the responses into future blog posts.

Send out an Email Survey

What motivates your readers? Send out an email survey for a quick way to establish what matters to your readers. This will give you an entire list of potential blog topics to write about, without having to stress about ideas.

Ask Followers to Share Photos on Social Media

Photos have proven hugely successful on social media. Everyone takes photos, and with today’s advanced technology, it’s never been easier to instantly share an image across any social media platform or other digital medium.

Ask your readers to contribute photos of a particular topic that relates to your line of business. For instance, if you work for a shoe company, ask your followers to post photos of them wearing your shoes in various locations. UK fashion magazine, Glamour, asks its readers to send in photos of them reading the magazine in exotic locations. The best entry of the month wins a prize, such as a camera or a phone.

Once your followers have submitted a decent collection of images, you can combine those images to create a photo-friendly email, blog article or Facebook photo album – the possibilities are endless. Asking readers to share photos also makes them engage more heavily with your brand and form a stronger bond with it.

As you can see, your readers can easily provide you with endless content marketing ideas and opportunities. Get creative and you will never run out of ideas again!

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