How to Curate Content To Engage Your Readers

Many people have heard the term “curated content” and scratched their heads in puzzlement over this strange and exotic phrase. In this article we will explain the steps that make up excellent content curation and describe the traits of a skilled content curator. Read on to learn more.

Curating content is the process of seeking out specific items set to exacting specifications from a vast number of possibilities. It is to sort through the tremendous possibilities presented online to find the best of the best. Once located, the content must be organized in a meaningful manner and presented in such a way as to forward a specific theme.

A content curator (the author) spends a great deal of time seeking, sifting through, sorting out and arranging content. Once this process is finished, the resulting collection of information is published. Content curators must have a very discerning eye in order to find and identify exactly the right content that will have resonance and relevance with a specific audience.

Furthermore, they must be logical and organized and able to combine this information in a way that makes good sense and conveys meaning. This is what museum curators do. They establish a theme, put it in context and then seek out the objects of art that will best convey that theme and context. Once found, the objects must be properly annotated to be displayed in the museum in a meaningful manner that will resonate with and be relevant to visitors to the museum.

There is far more to content curation than simply collecting a list of links and posting them. You must pick and choose amongst the selected content and then have the ability to create a presentation that is sensible and meaningful. The goal is to present a complete picture of a topic that will give the reader or viewer a good overall understanding.

This sort of vetted selection of information enriches its appeal to the selected target audience and also saves viewers and readers a great deal of time and effort in seeking out this information on their own. Simply put, a skillful curator has the ability to seek out, make sense of and effectively present the most relevant and highest quality information on a given topic.

Well curated content may be organized to highlight the aspects of a topic that the presenter wishes to emphasize; however, there is a very fine line between curating for this purpose and spinning to skew the meaning of content. Ethical content curators are aware of this and do not cross this line.

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