How to Create Sterling Content in Less Time

Content marketing under pressure can be tough. With endless deadlines to meet and the need to write copy that always of the highest quality can put even the most expert writers under pressure.

This guide provides five top tips on how to produce sterling content in less time. Read on to find out more…

1. Do your Research

There’s no point in writing a blog post or article if you don’t know anything about the topic at hand. This lack of knowledge will immediately reflect off the page and people will not perceive you as an industry expert, which will prevent them from returning to your blog or other content marketing material in future.

To prevent this from happening, perform plenty of research into the industry you are writing about before you begin to create you content. Whether that means visiting a library or reading articles about the subject online, what matters is that you learn enough about the topic to be confident to write a good post. This will save you plenty of time when you actually sit down to write the article.

2. Write about What you Know

It is also a good idea to write about what you know! So, if you travelled the world, why not write about exotic cuisine? Maybe you’ve traded Forex before – why not write about your experience as a trader? If you write for a particular industry, why not tie in something that you love and connect the two.

For example, I love the TV show, Mad Men, so recently wrote a blog post about the content marketing lessons that we can learn from Mad Men. We all have life experiences that, with a little imagination, can easily be turned into an interesting and relevant piece of content.

3. Interview an Expert

Maybe you’ve been asked to write about something that you don’t have much knowledge of, such as a piece of software or the latest gadget. If so, find someone who knows a considerable amount about that subject and ask to interview them. If you work in an office, the chances are that you will find someone who knows more about the topic than you do. Interviewing them will give you unique insights into the product, which will make for a very interesting and relevant piece of writing.

What tips do you have for creating sterling content in less time?

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