How to Convert Visitors Into Subscribers

We all know how to get visitors and readers to our blog and also how to achieve a blog position go viral but you don’t know how to convert your readers into subscribers. Don’t just let your visitors go after reading your helpful content, trap them to you blog and block all exits. And how can you achieve this?

  • Create Quality Contents

Content is king, we all know that, if you need more readers to your blog and want to make more money online then focus on the quality of your content, you wouldn’t want your readers to read trash else, they’ll hit the close tab button. All you have to do i brainwash your readers with your content.

  • Use Popups

popups might be annoying at times but it really works, popups helped my blog, boosted my subscribers and it made me an authority in my niche It has also helped many other bloggers, the main thing is, we must have optin forms in our blog. A blog without that is wasting his/her time while trying to generate traffic.

  • Use Internal Traffic Plugins

These are the plugins that helps in reducing the bounce rate of your blog, with this, when visitors visits your blog, they’ll stay longer, and view more pages or blog post on your blog, and example of this plugin is “yet another related post” it shows related posts below your blog pages and these tempts viritors to go further into your blog.

  • Post Consistently

Posting consistently is one of the main factor a blog must possess, readers would love to come back to your blog to see if there’s any updates, and if they like your post and find it helpful, they’ll eventually subscribe. Posting every single day of the week won’t workout, try posting less, the lesser your post the higher your quality, because you’ll invest time creating a quality post instead of publishing tons of trash.

  • Use Comment Redirect

Comment redirect helps also, actually you need a good content before you can get comments on your blog, when your readers post their comments, they’ll be redirected to any page of your choice. I created a thank you page for commenters and i also included an optin form in it, so if anybody posts a comment, he/she will be redirected and might subscribe to your blog.

Host Contests

We all know contests have rules; think of this, what if you tell your readers to subscribe to your blog in order to qualify for the contests, others like Facebook and twitter will then follow after, there’s great output so far your prize is tempting, everybody would always want to be the winner. If you know you can’t afford a prize then you can look for a sponsor to help you with it.

Create a Landing Page

Landing page is also known as a lead capture page, it’s the page where traffic is specially sent to either from your social media profile, comments or a guest post you did. Linking to your landing page is more lucrative than linking to your homepage and adding an optin form to your landing page increases your chance of getting more subscribers to your blog


Place your optin form in visible areas like at the end of your post, at the hellobar and the sidebar. Don’t also forget to include your optin form in your about page and other places necessary, omitting them is going to be a big mistake because you are going to miss numbers of subscribers that might contribute to your blog.

Its high time you implemented these ideas on your blog. hope this helps!

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