How to Be Efficient at Email for Bloggers

One of the distractions for bloggers is email, of course. Email is one of the pains of modern people, modern person. We always have a tendency to check an email first thing in the email, when we first wake up, and to see if everything is okay. The first idea when we check our smartphone or really check the computer, our email inbox, to see if everything is okay. This idea.

This is not necessary at all, because what you get, what we get in our email inbox are things we have to reply urgently. Urgently basically means that they are very important for other people, but for our goals it’s not necessarily true. There is a rule to check your email in the morning, because in the morning when you wake up you are probably feeling the most creative, and feeling the most energized in your day. If the first thing in the morning you do is checking your email to make sure everything is still okay, then you just say, I’ll just check an email for five minutes or two minutes.

But, very soon you get immersed into your email and you can get lost in your other applications, go to social media easily and surf the internet, although you just a minute ago said it will be just a couple of minutes for me checking email. You forget. I forget too. So, we can avoid. We can avoid checking emails for a long period of time. Maybe we could set boundaries. If in your day checking emails is really one of the important activities you don’t have to do this every hour. You can set maybe two times a day, twice. Maybe before lunch, and after your workday basically at the end of the workday.

You can set boundaries. I will check email at those particular times, 15 minutes at a time. Or even if you are braver than that you can say I can check my email only on certain days of the week, not everyday. I know people who are successful bloggers, and they check email and work on, and process email, reply to emails only once a week. This is possible. Only, it requires tremendous discipline. Not to panic when you are receiving a ton of emails, a mountain of incoming emails. You just simply wait until the right time in your schedule to this, and you process email in batches.

The best way to reply on mail is in bulk, not one-on-one. Here is an example. You receive a message and you read this message and you reply right away. Then five minutes later if you receive another message you read this message and reply right away. The third message comes in after five more minutes, you read this message, it’s important message or even urgent message. You read it and reply right away. This is putting out fires.

Very soon you will discover after replying to four or five emails that you don’t have energy left to create. You don’t have enough creativity left in your power, and you will want to take a break. Your break will mean that you will not work on your blogging business during your half an hour or an hour that you have in your daily activities that you scheduled in advance specifically for blogging. Because you just used very important energy to reply to email, although it seemed like an urgent email.

For starters I don’t recommend checking email just once a week. It’s maybe more advanced technique, but for starters you could limit checking email just twice a day. Set really two times a day when you’re doing this, and make sure those times of the day are the times after you did something creatively. Because you have to create, write, record, anything, before you’re tired. Then after that you can process your email a little bit, and then go to lunch or something. Do some other errands, but never ever work on seemingly urgent things first, because they don’t contribute to your goals. Be strict with yourself.

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