How To Start A Blog and Make Money From It

Blogging has become a popular activity as more people find out that they can actually make money doing what they love.. However, contrary to what many people think, blogging requires a lot of work. You just can’t wake up one morning, create a blog and start posting random content and expect to start earning from your blogging efforts. The initial stages of creating a blog are very important since they can determine how successful you turn out to be as far as making money from your blog goes.

Blog Topic and Content

They can be most important in getting you the readership that you want and attracting all the right stakeholders to earn you a profit. To choose a relevant blog title or topic and content, start by finding out your reasons behind blogging. Whether it is to share life experiences, showcase expertise or blogging for money, everything you write should be based on it. Finding out what you are most passionate about can give you a direction with the blog. It also helps to know what you are good at and what you are poor at to direct your path. But above all, you need to have the boldness to start somewhere otherwise you won’t go anywhere.

Blogging Platform

After you know what you wish to write on the blog, you should choose the right platform for your blogging needs. This means choosing a system to make content adding and editing easier and less technical. WordPress is one of the most popular platforms probably because it offers free blogs. Most people settle for this; however, if you want to enjoy your personal domain you have to pay a small amount of money. Tumblr is another platform. The secret when choosing a platform should be to find one that is easy to use, has a variety of themes and templates, allows plug-ins and shows reliability by its developers and bloggers community.

Domain and Hosting

A domain name is definitely of great importance to any blog. When choosing your name, ensure that you keep it simple and memorable yet unique. This is the only way people can remember you and find you easily if need be. The name should also give an overview of your brand by reflecting style, subject and attitude. Using your name for domain name can be a great idea since it is less likely that you will find other bloggers using the same name. You also need to find the best web hosting plan for your blog if at all you are to give your visitors a pleasant experience on the site. Find a reputable and reliable hosting company to offer all services most valuable to the blog for a fee you can afford. Flexible hosting plans are important and you should also get value for the amount you pay. From here, you can start working on marketing strategies to start making money doing what you love doing, blogging.

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