How To Profit From Zazzle

Selling personalized merchandise on Zazzle provides full time income for thousands of people. At the same time there are also many struggling to make their first sale. What separates the most successful sellers from all the rest? This article will explore How To Make Money Online With Zazzle.

What Is Zazzle?

Zazzle is an American online marketplace that allows anyone to create their own products with independent manufacturers. Zazzle has excelled for over 10 years, at ecommerce using print-on-demand technology. Print On Demand (POD) is a printing technology and business process in which copies of printable items (books, tshirts, mugs, etc.) are not printed until an order has been received.

How Do I Make Money Online With Zazzle?

There are 3 ways to make money online with Zazzle

  1. As A Designer you can earn royalties from the promotion of your own Zazzle products, as well as referrals for the promotion of other associates’ products.
  2. As A Maker you can sell your made-to-order products. Maker is Zazzle’s term for modern-day do-it-yourselfers (messenger bag makers, woodworkers and artisan chocolate vendors) with high quality marketable crafts to promote.
  3. As An Associate you can earn royalties from the promotion of your own Zazzle products, as well as referrals for the promotion of other associates’ products.

The answer to “How To Make Money Online With Zazzle” is strategy. Simply creating a bunch of random products is not enough. Without a calculated plan your products just get lost in the crowd.

Go Niche!

All the blogging experts will tell you that picking a niche is important when starting a blog. The same applies to opening a Zazzle store. Brand your store around this particular niche. Your store name, colors, and theme should be based on the niche you choose.

Make Sure Your Products are Seen

No matter how fantastic your products are, potential buyers have to see them.The more your product is viewed, the more possibilities there are for sales. Promotion is a must. Use social media, advertising and anything else you think will be effective to market your products. Tagging Your Products well allows your products to be found in searches.

Use Care When You Set Royalties

Zazzle allows sellers to choose their own royalty percentages on each product. Zazzle recommends royalties between 5% and 10%. Zazzle’s price structure is designed so that royalties up to 15%, allow the price to be within what customers expect to pay. The royalty you choose should match your strategy.


Higher royalty = Higher profit margin. Higher sale price, but fewer sales needed

Lower royalty = Lower profit margin. Lower sale price, but more sales needed for same amount of profit.


Design Your Store For The Customer

Once you have a target customer, design your store so that this customer can easily find what he is searching for. Your store should be well organized with products grouped into categories. Create multiple stores with different themes or niches.

Make Lots of Products

Generally, you need several hundred products in your store before you will start getting traffic and sales. Once you begin to make sales on an ongoing basis you can focus on which products sell the best. Stay informed about of new products and trends.

Use the Zazzle Forums

Don’t try to go at it alone. Use the Zazzle forums as a resouce for networking and making friends. Questions, problems, ideas and new products are all discussed in the Zazzle forums. Join any social media groups where Zazzle is discussed. You should always seek opportunities to market your store your products.

Zazzle is one of the best marketplaces on the web. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme. But with some creativity, strategy, and promotion, anyone can make money on Zazzle.

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