How To Pack a Punch With A Powerful Headline

You want people to read the content on your website. You’ve taken a long time to write your latest blog post or article. and you don’t want it to go unnoticed. But, when you post it onto social media or send it out to your email list. nobody is clicking on your links to read it. For most readers, it’s the headline or title that hooks them in and makes them actually want to read your content.

This is why it’s so important to spend some time on every single headline and title that you write. Here are some tips to help you write headlines that pack a punch.

Use A Number

One of the most common headline formats online is to use a number. For instance, “10 Ways To Potty Train Your Toddler Without Tears” or “7 Days to Detox Your Body”. This is a popular style in magazines, and it works for a reason – it shows people that there are distinct steps to reach their objective, which makes it easier for them to take action on what you write.

Give A Reason To Click

Every online headline needs to give the reader a reason to click through. Clickbait headlines get people clicking through because they are vague. But this vague style does annoy people. Instead, go for proven methods of teaching your reader how to achieve something. Always include the benefit within the headline in some way.

Create Interest

Write a headline that sparks the interest of your reader. Let’s say you were writing a blog post about the raw food diet. Your title could be something like “Thinking Raw Food Diet? Read This First!” This title type of headline hooks readers into the general subject area, but they’d have to click through to learn what the article was really about.

Keep A Swipe File

Keeping a record of titles that get your attention, and then tweak them for completely different topics. For example, “18 Simple Tricks That’ll Help You Save for Your Vacation in Half the Time!” could be turned into “9 Little Known Tricks to Help You Sell Your House in One Week!” As you can see, the titles are completely different, but the first gave the inspiration for the second.

It’ll take practice to improve your titles, but it’s well worth it. Spending just a few minutes extra on each headline you write could pay off big time when it comes to attracting online traffic!

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