How To Improve Your Blog’s RSS Numbers

Get Your Friends and Family to Recommend Your Blog/RSS Feed to others: We all know how well testimonials work with getting people to take action, but what works even better is a referral from someone they know and trust. That’s right, if you get your friends and family to recommend your blog’s feed to other readers and subscribers they already know, you can leverage that and get a higher response being that they already share a trusting relationship. Just think about it, by allowing your friends and family to help you get more subscribers, you’ll be able to consistently add more subscribers to your feed without you having to put too much effort.

Make The Most Of An Already Existing Audience: You can use blogs that are already established with an audience and leverage that audience to your blog through cross promotion. Cross promotion is a great way to build your audience from an already established blog, just make sure that the blogs you use are relevant to your blog.

Leverage Your Own Existing Audience: If you already built an audience from another project use that audience to your advantage to build up the subscribers to your new blog, it’s a great opportunity for cross promotion. It’s even better when that audience can relate to your current blog. If you’re not focused, you can miss a lot of opportunities. Make time to research other sources that sources that you can use to highlight your blog’s content for your existing audience.

Free Offers For Your Subscribers: You can offer exclusive content such as free gifts to your subscribers which will give an incentive for a visitor to subscribe, this works great especially if you’re consistently offering new free gifts.

Adding Sign Up Forms: You can add sign up forms to your blog in various places, such as your sidebar, pop-ups or even in your about page. Placing a sign-up form strategically in the middle of your bio is a very effective way to get visitors who interested in receiving more content from you.

Make It Easy to Subscribe: You want to make it as easy as possible fro readers to subscribe to your blog’s RSS feed by making sure your subscription form or link is positioned at a place that’s highly visible on every page of your blog.

One thing you want to make sure that you don’t do is have any broken links or anything similar in your feed, you don’t want to give your readers the wrong impression. You want to be as professional as possible and make everything as smooth as possible for your readers.

So if you’re a blog owner that’s serious about succeeding, just make sure you stay focused on increasing the number of RSS subscribers and you will achieve that goal.

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