How To Create Blog Titles That Bring You Traffic

An effective blog title can be the difference between content that attracts traffic on an ongoing basis for your business… and content that holds little long-term benefit. So it’s worth taking time over and getting right.

Here are 10 tips for writing great blog post titles that will stand the test of time:

1. Use A Number

Using a number in your title is strangely attractive to readers, and often leads to higher traffic levels and click-throughs. For a lot of searches on Google, you’ll often see such content titles listed. It works.

Perhaps it gives the reader a clear sense of structure before they click through. Or perhaps it’s something to do with…

2. Suspense And Intrigue

If you’ve ever felt compelled to click through on some content in order to read more, it’s likely that some element of suspense or intrigue was at play. People feel almost compelled to click through in order to satisfy their curiosity.

This can be very subtle. For example, list-type content (eg. 10 Ways to Do XYZ) as mentioned above can make you want to click through to find out what all the items are.

Or perhaps more pronounced. For example, The Real Secret Of How To XYZ.

3. Use Alliterations

Alliterations can help your blog titles look and sound (when mentally reading them) more attractive and stand out. For example: Title Tricks To Attract Top Traffic.

Even the word ‘Attract’ in this title doesn’t start with ‘T’, but capitalizes on the sound elsewhere in the word.

It doesn’t have to be on the full title, just try it with a few words for effect.

4. Create Evergreen Content

You want your title to work well for traffic long-term, don’t you? Then unless you’re consciously taking advantage of a particular seasonal event (eg. a new year), avoid titles that put an expiry date on the content. You want to primarily create long-term content assets for your business.

5. Keyword Research

While you should always create content with the real reader in mind, rather than writing for the search engines, some simple keyword research can help maximize your reach.

For example, this article was going to focus on ‘content titles’, but keyword research revealed that ‘blog titles’ was going to be easier to rank for while still attracting some decent traffic.

6. Create Multiple Titles

In writing your post, different ideas for titles might well spring to mind. Jot them all down, and at the end go with the one that jumps out the most or seems to work best for your content. Or ask someone else to help judge.

7. Ask A Question

I’ve already mentioned using intrigue and suspense in your title. Asking a question can be one way to achieve that. For example, Can These 10 Blog Title Tips Really Boost Your Traffic?

8. Catchy Titles

Want to catch the attention of people on social media to help your content spread further and faster? Then use a tool like BuzzSumo to find content in your niche that’s attracting the most attention. Model your own titles on those that come out on top.

9. Brackets (Using Parameters)

Using brackets or parameters somewhere in your title can help it stand out and attract attention. Use rounded (), square [] or even curly {}.

10. Leave The Title ‘Til Last

Rather than spending a lot of time on the title before you’ve even written a word of the post itself, just start writing with a vague idea of a title in mind. Perfect it as you finish and wrap up your post. You’ll likely find it a lot easier and quicker then too.

So there you have it – 10 tips to help you craft more effective blog post titles. The good news is that an effective title continues to bring you advantages all the way down the line as you further repurpose and distribute your content across different sites and media. So as I said at the beginning, it’s worth spending time on.

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