How Can Plastic Surgeons Create Content That Will Attract New People

We truly live in the information age. Billions worldwide can find instant answers to their questions in seconds via an effective search engine. Did you know research shows health care topics are the second-most-searched-for subjects online? According to Pew Research, 72 percent of Internet users have searched for health care related information in the last year. How can you take advantage of this hunger for knowledge?

Be a source of quality, reliable information. Creating a professional blog on your website is the perfect medium for positioning your office as a trusted resource in the community. Here are five tips for creating content that will generate new clients.

Don’t expect to post a blog and instantly get thousands of page-views. You are not going to grab the attention of customers or receive a glowing online review immediately. Think of blogging as a long-term investment. You must build a foundation of great content first. That takes time.

• Connect people and solutions

When creating a content strategy for your blog, think about providing solutions or answers to common problems. Consider frequent questions asked by your patients. Examples might include, “How long should I expect my recovery to be from liposuction?”, “Is breast augmentation safe?”, “What is eyelid surgery?”, “How much will a tummy tuck cost?”, “Will my insurance cover plastic surgery?”. People want to find answers in the privacy of their own home. Be their trusted resource. Answer their questions while building your online reputation.

• Integrate.

Successful blogging must be part of your overall content marketing strategy. Use your blog to promote other forms of media you’ve created. Link to research, whitepapers, eBooks or other resources for a more in-depth discussion of their question. Promote your topics via your social media channels. Think of interesting topics that will grab attention. Try writing a blog like “Five Most Common Plastic Surgeries That May Surprise You” and promote it on Facebook or Twitter. Get more scientific with something like “Research Shows 96 Percent of Tummy Tucks are Performed on Women.” Great topics will encourage your followers to pass along your informative material to their followers, getting you that sought-after consumer praise.

• Patients are not your only audience.

If you are using your blog to become an industry leader, include posts that are aimed at attracting the attention of your peers as well. Create buzz by being viewed as a thought-leader. Talk about things that are affecting physicians. For example, topics related to health care reform are on the minds of every health care professional. Include a blog entitled, “Top Ways to Meet ICD-10 Deadlines.” Take complicated legislative topics and put them in a format that busy physicians can quickly read and glean what they need. Writing original bookmark-worthy content paves the way for editorial coverage on popular industry blogs, generating more buzz and further building your online reputation.

• Have a process.

Blogging shouldn’t just be about one person coming up with ideas. Have periodic brainstorming sessions that include staff in various roles. Everyone in the office interacts with patients in a different way. Find out what’s on the mind of your patients. You can bet their concerns are the same concerns your potential patients are having. Don’t forget to set parameters. Your content marketing strategy should be down in writing and include internal guidelines. These should always be consulted when drafting a blogging strategy.

Creating buzz online does not come by accident. It’s the result of a carefully executed strategy. Leads Locally specializes in plastic surgeon marketing ideas and strategies just for your industry. Trust our professionals to help you develop blog content that will set you apart from your competitors. Contact us to learn more.

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