How Blogging Software Can Help Your Blog

So you are a writer and you want to start a Blog right? Perhaps, you are looking for the right tools to write your first Blog. The problem which exists is there are thousands of writing & Blogging tools & software programs, some of which are free and some which looks promising. Here, I will recommend some easy to learn and free software tools to start your Blog with.

If you want to write better articles & stories, the first step for you to decide would be which tool to use & which one to skip?

Ideally, you should go for the tools which would help you to grow the audience along with adding value to your website. These tools will enhance the process of writing a Blog faster.

Setting up your website

To start a Blog, you will need a domain and a hosting provider. Buy a .COM domain name that you have complete control over. Secondly, contact a reliable hosting provider for your website. If you need help in buying a domain and setting up a website hosting, SiteGround is highly recommended. They are a premium hosting provider who supports with additional security, backups & other important services. Once you have bought a website domain & contracted a hosting provider, install WordPress. Try using Jetpack & WordPress SEO.

For Email

When your Blog goes live, ask your readers to subscribe to the Blog as soon as possible. Post that you can send the readers a regular newsletter via email. Use MailChimp, its free & easy to learn. Google Apps for Work & Lead Pages are some options you can try.

For Design

If you want a professional look on your Blog, Premium WordPress theme will give you the right look and feel. If you are not blogging about design, then suggest not to get too caught up with it. Eleven40 Pro by StudioPress is powered by the popular Genesis framework. It is responsive, HTML5 Compliant and works great on desktops & mobile devices.

For Images

Your blog posts would need quality images that look good on your site & social media. Fotolia provides royalty free & premium images. Alternatively, Canva makes it easy to create your own using a drag-and-drop editor.

For Social Media

Blogging and social media go hand in hand. There are number of tools you can get confused with but use Buffer & Hoot Suite. Both services offer a free trial.

Lastly to sum up for help, use WordPress tutorials on the Internet. You would get numerous excellent online learning websites, which can teach you all you need to know about WordPress, HTML, CSS etc.

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