How Blogging Is Beneficial To Your Website

There are many ways for a blog to add potential to your website. Here we’ll discuss how a blog adds status to your website but there are more reasons for blogging.

Same Domain Blogging

Blogging is an easy way to add content to your site without having to know HTML. It’s even more helpful to add a blog on the same domain (example – Adding content to your blog daily or weekly will keep the search engines coming back to your site. You should write your blog posts on topics or search phrases that are relevant to your keyword. Every blog post you create is a webpage that targets your keywords for that page.

Having a blog on the same domain will add to the number of pages that are a part of your website. This increases your internet presence. Good content is paramount for attracting targeted visitors to your website. A blog’s content should also be relevant to the site as a whole.

Existing Blog Customers

You can use your blog to reach out to existing customers on another domain or one that is similar to yours with special offers, information, and display ads. It is very easy to add product sales pages and you won’t need a web designer to create it. “Thrive Architect” is a premium plugin that will easily create any page design you need.

If you like, you can go with a subdomain for your blog (example – Subdomains are a separate domain and can bring more traffic to your main domain too. Link popularity seems to be better for a subdomain blog. You can link to “” from “” and you can swap links with other blogs. Just have them link to “” instead of “”. Those inbound-links will help your page-rank and bring more traffic to your website.

An inbound link from your main domain will carry more weight than a link from a subdomain.

Search Engine Spiders

How do you get search engine spiders to list new websites and increase blogging benefits? I find that because I have several blogs, if I want to get my new website crawled by the search engines, I can do it faster by adding a link to my blogs than I can by submitting to the search engines. Updating your blog daily will attract search engine spider crawls, plus your links are found and updated in the “SERPS” (search engine results pages). A website can be crawled in just a few days because of regular updates. This only works for a blog that has been updated on a regular basis for a long period of time (At least six months or longer).

Apply these blogging tips to your blog and you should receive many benefits from doing them. You will gain several new customers by adding helpful content for visitors who can apply your knowledge. When your readers gain applicable tips they will trust you and come back to your blog on a regular basis.

I urge you to get started using these tips and reap the advantages of these blogging benefits.

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