Guided Imagery Scripts for How to Market Online

Is the use of guided imagery scripts a waste of time for marketing online?

Contrary to popular belief, learning how to market online actually has more to do with subconscious mind exercises and guided imagery scripts than learning the technical stuff. Granted, there is a bit of a learning curve on technicalities, but most of that can be learned inside of a week. The real meat and potatoes in figuring out how to get rich online stems from visualization techniques, believe it or not!

When you’re using guided imagery scripts, at first it seems like you’re lying to yourself…

However, the way the human nervous system works is that the brain tends to follow whatever the mouth dictates.

For example…

Have you ever been looking for something that you can’t find, all the while chanting, “I don’t know where this confounded thing is… it’s just nowhere in sight!”? And you never found it, did you? At least not the day you were looking for it.

But then it just “magically” appears the next day when you no longer are looking for it. That’s because you continuously incanted “I can’t find it” over and over, and you brain is determined not to make a liar out of you!

So conversely, why not use those “guided imagery scripts” in your daily habits to guide your brain in the right direction?

The power of belief is so important in learning how to make money online, because online marketing though blogging appears to be doing nothing in the beginning. And, if seeing is believing, you really need to adopt brain training exercises to trick yourself into believing…

The power of incantations is an unbelievably effective subconscious mind exercise, so why not decide to make a habit of using guided imagery scripts?

Just as in the example above of how to NOT succeed in what you set out to do…

I’ve learned through audio and visual trainings to teach me how to market online with the proper use of guided imagery scripts…

The script needs to be written by you, and should include the following 6 steps:

1) Decide what you want.

Believe it or not, the average person, when asked, doesn’t have a clue what he or she really wants. Don’t make it about money, as money is merely a form of energy to get you what your heart desires. But what does your heart desire?

If it’s not anything truly substantial that you really want, all the subconscious mind exercises in the world can’t help you. So decide what you want.

2) Write in the present tense.

Example: I, {insert your name}, am sitting in front of my computer, the date is {specify three months from current date} and I’ve just refreshed my computer and see that two sales have come in this day, which now brings my total to $5000 income just for this month! (Insert whatever figures you desire for your outcome.)

3) Describe your surroundings.

(This should also be in your first sentence.) Try to address all five senses when you describe your environment.

“I’m sitting out on my deck, and as I watch the sun do down, I’m refreshing my computer and see where I actually have two new sign-ups today! I hear the birds singing and I feel the warm breeze against my face… funny how now I can notice the sweet smell of the flowers blooming around in the bush outside”

4) Express your feelings, and really feel how it feels to have achieved your success.

” Now I can make my down-payment on that timeshare I had my heart set on.”

5) Turn up the intensity in your mind.

If the flowers are red, make them more vivid in your mind. Here the sounds of the birds louder and feel that tingly sensation stronger than ever.

Make sure that your dream statement is written down to include the above six steps and read twice daily.

You might also try incanting parts of this statement throughout the day over and over to work as a brain training exercise.

Thousands of people have following this strategy when learning how to get rich online, and you are no different than anyone else.

We all have basically the same brain chemistry makeup, and learning guided imagery scripts to help you focus on how to make money online can work for you, too!

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