Factors to Be Considered in Choosing a Blog Name

When choosing a blog name, you need to consider some factors to come up with a great idea. It is easy to create one but bear in mind that not all are successful with it. In fact, some bloggers failed in this aspect that they opted to change their original blog names not just once but twice and sometimes even more than that.

To some, a blog name isn’t really that important as long as they have great content to boast. But the truth is, it is actually very essential. It sounds cliché but first impression really matters. A unique name will surely captivate readers and most likely will arouse their curiosity to browse the content of your blog.

Though it’s not absolutely the main reason for the coming in of visitors but it can’t be denied that an appealing blog name really helps to entice more viewers. Of course this should be supported with great content. Otherwise, they will not continue supporting your blog. The following are some good points to be considered in choosing a blog name.

1. The name must really describe the blog. If you envision a blog of your own, see to it that the name should represent the entire blog. If it has something to do with technology, food, travel or anything for that matter, then make sure that the name revolves around the central topic. It should give an initial answer to the question; what is your blog all about?

A number of people will get the chance to see a link leading to your blog before they can actually open it. If your blog name sounds really interesting and if by simply looking at it they can have a hint on what your blog is all about, then they will more likely view it.

2. The name must be unique but easy to remember. Some bloggers use very technical terms that are not familiar to most readers and this leaves an impression that these blogs are intended for highly intellectuals when in fact they’re not. Thus only a few will dare to visit these blogs. There are also other blog names that are too general which may have different interpretations leading to misconceptions. Others still have a very long name that’s too difficult to remember.

If that is the case, then don’t be surprised that your blog will be less likely visited. It is indeed better if your blog name is simple, unique, interesting, and totally encompasses everything in your blog. As they say, the simpler the name the better. Make sure that your blog name can be easily recalled.

3. The name must be equal to your domain name. This is one thing most people have ignored in choosing a blog name, maybe because it’s not easy to find an unregistered domain name these days. But having a blog name different from your domain name is some kind of a suicidal, though there are also bloggers who succeeded with this arrangement.

Come to think of it, when people will visit your blog through a link they will simply read the blog’s name. And when they decide to view your blog once again perhaps some other time, they will tend to write a dot com right after the name. Obviously they will not be redirected to your blog site, so they tend to look for another site to visit.

A blog name is definitely important and has a contribution towards the blog’s success. Since this is basically the beginning of your blogging endeavors, might as well make it more explosive to catch everybody’s attention. And when you do, you will see more visitors coming to your page every now and then.

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