Easy Way to Convert Traffic And Make Money Fast

Lets skip to the point that you have tons of traffic but you are struggling to make profit out of it, because you don’t know how to Convert Traffic into cash. If this story is familiar to you, you came to the right place.

Let me show you how to exchange even small amount of traffic into sales.

So you have a website, and you have a certain amount of traffic to your website. Now you want to Convert Traffic and make money? Think of each visitor as a costumer that enters into your store. Every single one is presses and treat it that way. You must have your strategy in place, you have to have a plan how to Convert Traffic into leads, and leads into sales.

Here are some ways how to Convert Traffic very easy.

Set up your auto-responder and opt-in list

Before you start to do anything your auto responder must be ready and at least ten follow up messages. As soon as somebody opt-in he automatically becoming your subscribers and the goal is to established a relationship with your potential costumer. How big is your subscribers list is equal how far you will go in this business. Think of this list as your best asset. When you have you auto-responder ready, it will be your best partner in this business. Im personally using Get Response for years and i think its the best responder on the market and most importantly they have the best costumer support.

Sell something along with your product

What I mean by that. Find some books or some tools that goes with your primary business. Some visitors when searching a book which is related to your business is a good quality lead in the future and its very likely that he can purchase your primary product with good follow up messages. Amazon, ClickBank are just a few of many companies that you can work with.

Viral marketing

Put some free product or free instructions that your visitors can download and share. This way you are giving a free value to your visitors who can share this information later on. Thats how you give yourself publicity, branding without spending any money. In this business branding your self is one of the most important things which will payoff in the long run.


Pay per click is a great way of driving traffic to your web site. You have to place an add and when somebody click on that add you get paid. You can get high quality, targeted visitors to your web side. You add will be displayed only to people who are searching something in your particular niche. Only downside is that it can also be time consuming and expensive. Some of the advertising programs are. Google AdSense, Kontera, Yahoo Publisher Network…

Advertising space on your website

If you have high amount of traffic to your website, you can offer a space for other companies to advertise on your website. The amount you can charge depends on how how many visitors you have per day on your site.

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