Blogs and Online Giveaways

Blogging has become a successful business in the past few years. In fact, many people start blogging after they witnessed so many bloggers become famous and make a stable income from this hobby. If you are passionate about something and you have enough talent, time and dedication to post something every day, you have the potential to become big and start making money by advertising on your blog. The fact that bloggers make money by promoting various brands and products is no longer a secret. Whether we talk about an exchange strictly between a brand and a blogger – the company gives him money to mention its brand in one of his articles, or about an exchange that also includes visitors – The blogger offers online giveaways from a certain company in exchange of a like or comment. In both cases we talk about win-win situations, because the blogger either gets paid or gathers more followers, the readers have the chance of receiving a giveaway, while the company gets to promote its product and brand.

Nowadays, you can easily get free stuff online by following famous blogs that offer giveaways quite often. It does not have to be a tedious thing, because you can only follow the blogs that tackle a subject you are interested in. For instance, you can read a blog about gardening and gain the opportunity to receive free gardening tools once a month or whenever the blogger gets an offer from one of its affiliates. The greatest successes with giveaways have make-up blogs and fashion blogs in general. Besides the fact that there are many people passionate about this topic that like to follow the latest trends and subscribe to various blogs for the fun of reading them, the fact that make-up and clothes are accessible in terms of price to make good giveaways is an added bonus. If a make-up blog is popular enough, there are great chances of receiving offers from different make-up brands to promote their products. After that, the way in which the system works is easy to understand. Users who promote that post on a social media or mention the blog in a comment will further increase the popularity of the blog and the brand, while a lucky user will win the products in a draw.

Another great way to get free stuff online is to visit freebie websites. This is a new form of promotion that will certainly become really popular. These websites give free products every day to their visitors. The principle is similar to the one explained above: companies wish to promote their brands with the help of these websites and they offer free stuff. Users add the products they want to the cart, fill in their address and submit their order without paying a single cent. The only thing visitors have to worry about is the fact that the number of free products is limited. This means that you can lose your opportunity, if you are not ready. Unlike the giveaways you receive from blogs, this time you are certain to get the item you want after you added it into your cart and clicked the order button.

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