Blogging and the Different Plug-Ins

The best way to strengthen your professional business presence on the internet is through a blog. A large portion of the public have already accessed blogs, many having their own, and find it a simple way to locate information of all different kinds through their different platforms. So, in order to tap into this market, it is imperative to saturate the blogging world. You need to go to the public, do not wait for them to come to you.

Be that as it may, a basic blog does not always have the required features to build-up your appearance and establish a more engaging presentation. This is when the option of plug-ins or add-ons will work to your advantage. Plug-ins can be a lot of fun to use, especially the ones found on the blogging platform WordPress. Just keep in mind that they can be a little confusing for first-time bloggers, as most of these add-ons have fancy names which do not always match with their function or do not fully explain their function. A very good example of this is the Akismet plug-in.

There are two types of plug-ins: the crucial ones and the elective ones. The elective ones are those which complement the website and allow you creative freedom. One of these is Hit Counter. This is a plug-in which monitors or tracks the number of visitors that click on your website. This is very useful as it records how popular your website is, which pages are visited most often and how you can improve your promotions.

There are also plug-ins which may be thought of as crucial or elective. This all depends on your point of view. A popular one is the Google Analytics plug-in. This one is similar to Hit Counter, yet, it further analyses the statistical activity of your site. Google Analytics separates the number of visits into returning and new visitors. It also pinpoints the time spent on the different pages of your website.

The crucial plug-ins include those that are concerned with the promotion and maintenance of a website or blog. There are a good deal of them that are installed automatically and additional plug-ins or add-ons are simply updated versions of these. Nevertheless, there are those which do require initial installation. Below are the most critical ones to assure your blog is working at its best performance.

One of the biggest obstacles any person will face is that of spam. Spam is undesirable comments from companies trying to promote and sell products. The Akismet plug-in is a standard plug-in which blocks spam or suspicious spam and places it in a “spam” folder which you will need to empty on a routine basis.

The All-In-One SEO Pack is imperative for promotion and directing traffic towards your site, especially if you are selling a product. The more traffic you receive the more hits you will get. Additionally, this plug-in allows one to indicate the keywords and description that will show up in the search engine. This means you will have management over the promotion of your blog.

To conclude, it is useful to have a blog for your business, yet, it is more elaborate than just posting reflections. In order to build a strong internet presence, you must consider and take advantage of the many different plug-ins available.

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