Blogging For A Living

Let face it, blogging has come to stay. It is the in-thing in this 21st century. There are millions of blogs all over the world.

It really has no limitations and it has a global reach. Therefore, regardless of your vocation, profession, passion, skill, knowledge, experience, you can share your thoughts in writing with others.

You can also share pictures, graphics, symbols, data and others items online.

So, if you are a student, farmer, teacher, job seeker, journalist, housewife, accountant, artist, etc, the entire world is your market.

The truth is that we all are marketers. Yes, we should use our blogs to sell our ideas, products and services to the entire world.

Basically, a blog is like your personal diary. This is where you write down your plans, projections, inspirations, aspirations, challenges, failures and successes. You could do this as often as possible.

Like me, I know that there are millions of people out there who know little or nothing about blogging.

There are equally millions of people who know about it all over the world. But, knowledge, like other areas of life is forever evolving.

However, in this modern age, we really do not have any excuse whatsoever but to study and research on what it is all about.

We also need to figure out how to use it as a credible tool to better serve humanity.

Original contents will attract readers to your blog and this will eventually translate to prospects, who may be willing to pay you for your service. I am sure you have head of

I read somewhere online that there are some 40 million bloggers in the United States of America. But, it is only about 2% of this figure that seems to be successful in the business of blogging.

I must confess that I do not have statistics on the number of bloggers we have in Nigeria. But I guess the statistics could be very low.

To some persons, blogging should be run like a business venture. This means, it should be profit driven.

However others see it more or less like a passion, where they could use to express themselves. Whichever side you belong, it is important to contribute your quota in making this world a better place through blogging.

These are some of the tips readers should know and apply in order to make a living from blogging. It takes focus, consistency, patience to become a successful blogger.

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