Blogging Blueprint

Blogging on the internet has become a way of life for many. Everyday, we go out of our way to update our Facebook status, tweet our latest job offer or share our daily experiences through YouTube.

As internet marketers, it is drilled into us, very early on, how important having a blog is to our online business. The creation of a blog gives us the basis to create a brand for ourselves, that is necessary to build a relationship and trust with future subscribers.

I personally, enjoy the flexibility that my blog affords me. I enjoy being able to write in my own words, what I believe to be important and necessary information for other marketers to follow.

Here are a few guidelines to follow for a successful blog:

1. Choose to make your blog content informative and engaging. There is nothing like a bit of controversy to get your reader’s attention. It takes courage to get out of our ‘comfort zone’ and perhaps express ideas or thoughts that may raise a few eyebrows. Even if you know your readers may not agree with you, this is a good way to engage your audience, and encourage their feedback on a particular topic. Quite often you will find that with their feedback, will come the inspiration for future blog posts. Too many marketers out there, choose to take the safe road, not realizing that when you try to please everybody, you win over nobody. Your content needs to be a little edgy, the boundaries need to be pushed, in order to stir up a reaction in your readers.

2. Look at hiring a graphic designer to give your blog a distinctive look. It is important to stand out from other blogs. Also by having your own graphics, you have the opportunity to inject some of your own personality into the way your blog looks. People will be more open and accepting of a blog that looks professional and this in turn, enhances the trust that you are seeking.

3. Great content is without a doubt, the cornerstone of any blog. It is important to write your own content, so that you can establish your own unique style. Your readership will get to know you and your writing style, and expect more of the same. Content curation is one of the great ways to come up with great content for your blog. This process involves gathering the best pieces of content from various sources and delivering this content in a sequential manner to your readers. Delivering content in this manner, will ensure that your readers will keep coming back for more, due to the massive value you will be providing. Another great way to come up with good content is to invite people to be guest bloggers on your blog, and maybe you can reciprocate by guest blogging on their blog. This not only helps with the good content dilemma, but it also builds links back to your website which is important for Search Engine Optimization purposes, which leads me to my next point, traffic.

4. Last but definitely not least is traffic. Without traffic, there wouldn’t be any reason to start a blog in the first place, since our content would not get the necessary exposure to make an impact in the world. YouTube is a great medium for driving traffic and building relationships with your readers, because of the instant connection people have with those that can put a face to their name. Another good strategy is to link up with other well established blogs in your niche, by using a method called syndication. How syndication works, you find another blog to publish the same article you have on your blog, and link BACK to your blog. Each of these articles, that are republished, has a byline at the end of the article, with a link back to a landing page and a call to action to join your list.

There are many ways to start making inroads with your blog. You need to find the methods that resonate with you, start with those first. Always be open to new methods and ideas as the internet is always evolving, and we need to keep updating our strategies.

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