Bloggers and the Technology That They Need to Do Their Jobs

One of the best things about being a blogger is that they can travel anywhere and still do their jobs. They are not tied to their desks like with other jobs.

They can do their work in a café, on a beach, or even on a plane. As long as they have the technology with them to do their jobs, then they can get the blog post done and then enjoy seeing the world.

If you are thinking about becoming a blogger so that you can work from home, or anywhere around the world, then read on for some tips on what tech you will need to write your blog posts.


If you want to work from home, then all you really need is a computer. You can have a laptop, or a desktop computer. It is up to you. But, you need to think that if you are a professional blogger, then you will be typing a lot. It might be better for you if you get a desktop computer, which has a separate keyboard.

If you just have a laptop, you might find that your wrists hurt a lot when you are typing and you have to take a lot of pause before you can write. This might mean that you take on fewer jobs and you make less money.


If you have trouble sitting at your desk, and you have neck and wrist pain almost as soon as you start typing, then you will need some new equipment to make sure that you can type without hurting yourself.

You could buy a riser for the screen so that you are not looking down towards the desk. You need to make sure that you are looking straight ahead at the screen. If you have a laptop, then you could sit it on the riser and you will be looking at the screen without having to strain your neck.

Obviously with the laptop on a riser, you will not type using the keyboard. Therefore, you should buy a separate Bluetooth keyboard and use that to type instead.


When you are travelling, you can type on a laptop because that is more portable than lugging a desktop computer with you everywhere.

If you don’t have a laptop to carry around, then you will have to think about typing on something else. You can use a tablet computer, or a smart phone.

Tablet computers might be a bit better for your wrists because you can but cases for them that act like a screen protector and they will have a keyboard connected to the case.

These cases are not easy to type on but if you are only writing bits at a time, then it is okay.

Using a smart phone will be a bit trickier because you won’t be able to type with all of your fingers. You will just have to use your thumbs and this means that writing might take a while.


If you have doubt about your various pieces of technology getting damaged whilst you are travelling, then you will have to invest in some cases and even some added screen protectors. These items will give you the protection that you need.

If you want to go the extra step, then you could put your laptop, tablet or smart phone in it’s own bag, where there will be no chance that the screen gets scratched.

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