Blog for Money and Link It Up With Social Media

Nowadays, social media is probably the most used and popular aspect of the entire World Wide Web. Millions of Internet users have accounts in Facebook and Twitter as well as in other platforms that allow them to connect with their friends and relatives. Aside from that, many more have their own blogs that let them post about their experiences and thoughts in a diary-like manner. While some people blog for fun, there are also others who blog for money.

In ensuring that your blog has a full potential of letting you earn a good sum, you can link it up with your social media accounts. You can post in your social media accounts whatever you have published in your blog in a shortened version. Or you can market your blog through social media. For this to be successful, you can use some tips that are known to work both for potential sponsors, business partners, and of course, clients.

One thing you should always remember is to create posts in your social media accounts that will attract the attention of your followers. You must keep in mind that your immediate network follows a lot of other people besides yourself. Therefore, there are times when they will not easily notice or see what you have posted. In such cases, you will be at a disadvantage because if you post about a recent blog entry that you have created, they may not view it immediately. That said, there is also a decrease in the possibility of your immediate network sharing your status and blog post to their own set of connections.

When striving to attract the attention of your followers, you can use multimedia content like photos, videos, and music files. Photos are proven to grab the attention of your followers. Even if they just pass through the list of current status posts, they will easily identify a photograph or video click. When your multimedia content is created with really interesting captions and images, you will definitely gain favours from your followers and may even be referred to other social media users.

Another tip you can follow in marketing your blog on social media is to interact with your followers. There are several bloggers who hold contests that their followers can join to win special items. Once they launch the contests in their blogs, they also make status posts in their social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. Then, they invite their followers to join in. This is a very popular method bloggers use to get heavier traffic to their blogs.

You may also partner with other bloggers and online shops so you can host giveaways in your blog. In this case, you can use your social media accounts in communicating with both your sponsors and your target audience. When you do giveaways, the usual process is that you encourage people to comment on your blog or tweet you back or “like” your Facebook page. From the roster of people who have responded, a simple electronic or random draw will be held. At present, this is a marketing method that is known to merge both the blog and the social media accounts of the blogger.

Finally, take note that what is important when marketing your blog on social media is that you maintain a strong online presence. Often, this is where many bloggers fail. When they try to blog for money and link it up with social media accounts, they have the tendency to make use of one platform more than the other. This is something you should avoid. Your potential clients are looking for consistency because it is a sign of transparency and honesty. Needless to say, both characteristics are important for them to trust your brand or business. Thus, maintaining a strong and consistent online presence encourages more people to do business with you.

In the end, you can always blog for money and market it on social media. But you have to understand that doing both does not necessarily mean one would lead to the success of the other. You have to work hard to gain the trust and confidence of your potential clients and this you need to do regardless if you communicate with them through a blog or a Facebook status post.

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