Affiliate Marketing On Your Own Blog

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online by promoting already existing products that was created by someone else. All you have to do is find a product to promote and start promoting – there’s no need for you to spend months creating your own product to sell, since the product has already been created, you can just start promoting it and earn commission for each sale you refer.

When thinking about starting your own affiliate marketing career, you can choose between two different types of affiliate marketing products – digital and physical.

Digital products include products like eBooks, online courses, themes, templates, scripts, videos and other related products that’s instantly delivered to a customer through an online download or to their email box. With digital products, commissions are usually higher since there’s no additional shipping costs, and there’s no risk of faulty products.

Physical products include shippable products such as laptops, tablets, appliances, beauty products and other related products. When promoting physical products, a customer usually has to pay for shipping as well, and you usually earn commission after the product has been delivered to the customer. Depending on the terms and conditions of the company you are promoting products for, you also might have to wait a while before your commission is allocated to you due to shipping and handling times.

The type of products you want to promote on your blog can also depend on the niche you focus on. With certain niches, you might have to either focus on digital or physical products, but luckily some niches will allow you to focus on both digital and physical products, expanding the amount of products you can promote, thus creating an additional opportunity for you and your blog.

Choosing a niche

Before starting your own affiliate marketing career, you should decide on a niche you want to focus on. The niche you choose to focus on will mostly depend on your knowledge and expertise – be creative and think of a niche where you can add some value, either with reviews or by explaining how certain products or services work.

It’s best to choose one niche to focus on when you’re simply starting out. This will make things easier to manage, and it will make your work a lot less.

If you’re not sure what niche to focus on, think of what products you use most in your life.

Think about products you know how to use, and then think about ways you can help others to use those products more effectively. These are all factors that you can use to choose a niche you want to focus on.

Finding an affiliate program

Once you’ve decided on a niche, you should look for an affiliate program to promote. The type of affiliate program you will be looking for depends on the niche you are going to focus on, as well as the type of product you want to promote – digital or physical.

It’s a good idea to apply at a couple of affiliate programs – should your application be declined at one program, it might be approved at another.

A Simple Google search for “your niche” + affiliate program can bring up thousands of results and programs you can apply for. Be sure to do proper research to find an affiliate program that has a good reputation, a high paying commission rate and multiple products you can promote. This way you’ll be able to use one affiliate network or program to promote multiple products on your blog, thus giving you the ability to reach the minimum payment threshold faster and easier than splitting the programs you use to promote.

Promote on your blog

After being approved as an affiliate at a good affiliate program or network, you should start looking for products you can promote. You can do a review for certain products and then place advertisements for the specific product on the review page, you can also tell people how to use products more effectively and then include a link to the affiliate page of the product you are promoting.

Alternatively you can also blog about different topics in your niche and include banners in the sidebars and within your blog posts to promote a variety of products. Some affiliate programs and networks will give you pre-made banners you can place on your blog.

So… what’s next?

Now that you’ve chosen a niche, found an affiliate program to promote and included your affiliate links on your blog, what exactly do you need to do next? – You need to promote your blog and drive traffic to it.

This is probably one of the most important parts of owning a successful blog. Without traffic and viewers, your blog will be sitting there without anyone knowing about it, and you won’t be able to profit from your affiliate links.

To drive traffic to your blog, you should promote your blog and use keyword research to optimize the blog posts you write for better search engine rankings. By promoting your blog, you’ll be able to drive traffic to your blog, grow an audience of readers and start making money through referred affiliate sales.

You can drive traffic to your blog through a variety of different ways. Here’s a few to help you get started.

* Join forums related to your niche, place a link to your blog in your forum signature and post helpful, informative replies to forum posts.

* Write informative articles, add a link to your blog in the resource box and post your articles on different article publishing platforms.

* Submit your blog to search engines.

* Ping your blog every time you create a new blog post. (This will get search engines to crawl your blog faster)

* Place a link to your blog on various social bookmarking websites. This will create social signals to your blog, and help increase your blog’s search engine ranking.

* Write guest posts on blogs related to your niche, and place a link to your blog in the “author box”.

* Post classified ads on different classified websites. Explain what your blog is about and how your blog can help others. Add a link to your blog in the classified ad.

These are just a few ideas to help you drive traffic to your blog. You should start with these and expand to other traffic driving techniques as you move along as well. The more traffic you can drive to your website, the better chance you have of referring affiliate sales and growing your own profit.

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