Advanced Blogging for Online Entrepreneurs

Once you have mastered the art of blogging, more advanced tips and tricks can take you further in your efforts to be an entrepreneur. Simple blogging tricks you can employ include:

· Creating a header that is strictly yours. This might include an image with your blog title, a photo, or logo that speaks about your business. You can create a customized header by using free online photo editing sites or downloading Adobe Photoshop.

· Give your blog an extra push by connecting it to LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Facebook and /or Twitter sites or a combination (maybe announce blurbs on some with varied titles and short summaries). Every time you have a new post published, your social media platforms will be updated.

· Use polls and surveys on your blog posts. This will help you get feedback from your readers and they will begin to interact with your ideas. You can add polls and surveys through hosting sites and WordPress plugins that give your site extra functionality. Try WordPress’ Akismet that comes with your installation and manages spam comments. Also use Yoast to optimize your search engine rankings.

· You can also go to “shabby blogs” that is free and adds super awesome graphics to help your blog be “one of a kind.”

· Split your blog topic into categories. Write a resource blog for every category you have developed and title them with informative titles. Blog using headings that include tips, how to’s, and guides.

· Create specialty blogs that go into detail. For example if you are writing a blog on marketing tips, take one tip and make it an entire blog. Get creative and go into great detail.

· Point your blog posts to squeeze pages. Squeeze pages are designed to be landing pages that are created to solicit email addresses from clients and potential clients who land on your blog.

Stay motivated and continue to research, blog, and learn. Blogging is not easy; it does take many hours to become an advanced blogger. Gather information form others who are advanced bloggers. Target professionals who blog for income as well as for marketing purposes. Join websites that will provide you with insights into blogging, links where you can learn to be a more efficient blogger.

Avoid many common mistakes that advanced bloggers have learned to evade. These include:

· Finish your blog and stop. Do not add unnecessary fillers.

· Know your software program. If you using WordPress, follow the instructions and ask for help.

· Write for your niche market and make it original.

· Read others’ blogs, attend workshops and seminars, and never stop learning how to write and blog.

· Blog regularly. If you only blog once in a while your readers will stop looking for your content. Once you have lost your audience, it is difficult to get them back.

Use your blog to engage your readers and instill in them a need to learn more about your topic. Blogging is one of the best ways to market and if you are an advanced or expert blogger you might find that other companies hire you to write on their blogging pages. Blog as frequently as you can to become perfect in your craft.

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