A Collection Of Content Curation Tools To Help You Get Started

Just as with information, content curation tools are abundant and often redundant online. You can begin your content curation career by curating amongst the multiple tools available and selecting only the best and most useful. Understand that you already have some tools at your fingertips in the form of websites and information sources you may already use.

In this article, we will provide you with information you can use to add specifically designed tools for content curation to your repertoire. Read on to learn more.

One of the very easiest tools to use is Storyfy. This is an excellent tool to use with social media sites such as Twitter and Pinterest. It is specifically dedicated to facilitating the sharing of videos and photographs. To use it, you simply search amongst the various social media networks and drag the elements you want into your own story. You will have the ability to put the elements into the best order to provide your readers with context.

If you want to create a collection of curated content that has striking visual appeal, you will want to give Pearltrees a try. This tool is very powerful because it helps you present your content in a way that has tremendous eye appeal and is very easy to comprehend and utilize. With this tool you can build a “tree” diagram in a hub and spoke style. As you seek out, find and collect content, you can add it to the individual spokes of the tree.

You can organize your spokes for greatest impact. To expand the content, simply hover your cursor over a “pearl”. From this point, you can select individual items of content to make comments and/or share with others.

With BagTheWeb, you can not only curate specific content, you can also create networks of that content by connecting your “bags” of information. This ability is unique among content curation tools. The ability to not only curate individual topics but also tie them together by linking them creates an unusually complete, rich and full experience for your followers, viewers and target audience.

One tool that is currently in beta mode and can only be accessed by invitation is Scoop.It. This tool is excellent for finding very niche specific information. It offers a dashboard which you can use for management of a large number of sources, such as social media, RSS feeds and various websites.

You just plug in date parameters and relevant keywords, and off you go. You will get a constant feed of the specific type of information you seek.

Content curation tools make it easy to keep track of the content you have so carefully sought out. Remember that your audience are not the only ones who may need help making sense of vast amounts of seemingly disparate information.

As you work to find and order this information, you may find yourself becoming quite confused! Using these tools will help make the job quicker, easier and more efficient.

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