7 Ways To Put Your Affiliate Income On Steroids

As an … have you ever out of … wondered why your sales don’t reflect the effort you’re putting … are one of THE biggest mistakes you’re making is that you’re using the sam

As an affiliate, have you ever out of frustration wondered why your sales don’t reflect the effort you’re putting out?

Chances are one of THE biggest mistakes you’re making is that you’re using the same standard banners, classifieds
and articles that everyone else uses to promote their products and services.

Separate yourself from the millions of others by simple being unique. arketers call it “Unique Selling Proposition” or USP.

But then…

How can you be unique?

1. Write Your Own Ads

Put your flair and personality into your
ads. Make it fun. Ever seen the Geico ads? Use humor. People will always remember a funny ad more than than the drab, standard ones. Practice writing catchy headlines and load your ads with benefits and not features of the product.

2. Create Your Own Website

Most affiliate programs give you
the same standard website as everyone
else. Boring. Create your own. Use
your website to address a problem the
reader may have. Fill the content with
keywords so the search engines will list
them high and use your link to your product as the answer to their problem.

3. Always capture email addresses

On your site, you should always have
a form or link to allow eaders/prospects
to get more ideas or advice from you in
the form of a newsletter or timed mailings. Follow up with autoresponder messages as, on average, it takes 7 contacts with the propsect before they actually purchase.

4. Offer bonuses

If you can offer meaningful bonuses,
it makes a world of difference. Say you’re promoting a Web marketer’s copywriting ebook. Offer to send 10,000 guaranteed hits to their site once their webpage is up. Ensure that the cost of the bonus is less than the revenue from the product though.

5. Visit forums

Visit forums related to the product
you’re promoting. Look for questions
posted by members and see if you can
answer them. After posting, you could
include your signature and url to the
website u created as a resource. Chances
are you’ll have a customer for life.
A great forum to visit and build your
customers is www.Ryze.com where you’ll
find people to network and interact

6. Conduct Group Chats

Every once in a while, you should interact with your list by group chats. Follow up with individuals on your list who’ve purchased or who’re still prospects. Find out any problems
they’re experiencing and connect with them. Display customer service and show you care. Almost everyone uses a messenger of some sort:Yahoo, MSN or AOL. Encourage individuals to add you to your Friends list. Let them get to know you.

7. Advertise Freely Offline

A lot of affiliates don’t do this but
you’ll find that people who’ve never
been crazy about computers and the Internet will get online just to check out your offer. It’s the middle of winter, you’re waiting on the light to change to red but little do you know that the middle-aged motorist behind you
is taking a keen interest in your sticker on your back windshield which says: “Wouldn’t YOU like to be in Jamaica right now?” http://www.yaddayaddayadada.com which would be your vacations site outlining the benefits to the reader of a sunny getaway in the Caribbean climaxed with your cloaked hotel affiliate website.

There are many creative ways to spur your affiliate income if you just sit and think about it. Brainstorm and try them out. Eventually, you’ll soar and become the eagle you’re supposed to be.

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