7 Tips For Earning More Money With Google Ad sense

Google ad sense is an easy way to make money with your blog. Here are 7 easy ways for maximizing ad sense performance, thus making more money with it.

Google ad sense is an easy way to make money with your blog. If used correctly, Ad sense can be your most important tool for making money online. A simple change in color or style of the ad sense block you use on your site, may very well turn your ad sense from getting clicked on 5 times a day to 50 times a day, thus increasing your revenue from $0.50 a day to $50 a day or more. That’s why Optimizing Google Ad sense should be on top of your to do list when monetizing your blog or website. There are a couple of ways to do that. Here are a few simple but essential ways in which you can optimize your ad sense to perform better, and maximize your ad sense earnings.

Style of the ad sense block
A well designed ad sense block which fits the style of your website/blog can take your CTR ratio to a higher level. Obviously each website or blog is designed differently. So experimenting with different layouts, can help you find the best performing format. There are some styles of ad sense block that have proven to be the highest earners when it come to ad sense earning. Two of the most popular ones are:
A. a 160×600 Skyscraper with text ads, placed on the left or right side of the page.
B. a 336 x 280 big Rectangle with text ads, placed on top or middle of the page.

Colors of the ad sense block
An important aspect of a well designed ad sense block is it’s colors. While you may not want to trick people in any way, shape or form into clicking on ads, using the right colors and blending the ads with the content of your page, will make the ads appear as though it’s part of it, and not an unrelated subject. A simple example would be using a white background ad sense block with no borders, on a page with white backgrounds, which perfectly blends the ads with the content, thus giving your Ad sense an increase in click through ratio.

High paying keywords
Using high valued and reach keywords in your content is the number one way to ensure that ad sense will serve ads with high paying keywords, which means you will earn more for each click. Which would you rather have: a page with 10 keywords which pay $0.02 a click, or 2 keywords that pay $1.00 per click?… Of course that doesn’t mean bombarding your content with non related and nonsense keywords. Not only that will not attract any new traffic, but you also will risk losing your loyal readers as well. All that said, keep in mind to not write for ad sense, but always write with your readers in mind, with an eye on reach keywords.

SEO (search engine optimization)
Search engine optimization or SEO not only helps your site’s ranking and status, but it also can contribute to your ad sense earnings if done properly. Here are few example of SEO:

A. Robots.txt file- An often over looked yet very effective method for SEO.
B. Meta Tags- Use meta tags that defines the content of each page.
C. Site Map- Create a sitemap file for your site using Google webmaster tools or any other tools you use.
D. Meta Title- Using meta title will make it easy to know what your content is about.
E. Title- Using a short but very descriptive title for your article, which is one of the first thing search engines see, is considered very important.
F. Navigation- It has been proven that a navigation menu placed on the left side is more effective than the conventional top navigation.

Costume search box
By having a Google search box on your site, not only you are giving your readers a convenient way of searching Google right on your site, but also you have the chance to earn money by any clicks generated by the users, on ads displayed on the search result page. It’s like having your own google search site, and getting paid for searches performed on it.

Ad links
A new feature that has been added to ad sense recently, is ad links. It can be a great tool for increasing your ad sense income. It displays a couple of different links, which are determent by Google to be the best and most relevant keywords for the content of your page. Not only that, you also benefit from its anonymity fact, which makes it difficult for many reader to distinguish the links from your content, therefor increasing the click through ratio.

Targeted traffic
Last but not least, is of course the all important traffic factor. The more traffic you get, the higher your click through ratio will be. But not any traffic will convert into clicks. Quality targeted traffic is what increases click through ratio. Simply because these kinds of visitors are already looking for information offered by ad sense displayed on your site. There are many different ways to drive targeted traffic to your site. But the best kind of traffic is the one generated by search engines. Search engine generated traffic is more likely to increase your click through ratio, because these are visitors who are actively looking for such terms and keywords.

These are some simple but effective ways you can increase your ad sense earnings. But, you don’t have to stop there. As you go along, you will come to know and find more ways to make the most out of ad sense. Combine ad sense with a quality blog, and you have got yourself one of the best ways to make money online. Keeping an aye of each method’s performance can help you determine the best methods possible for increasing your ad sense click through, thus maximizing your earnings from ad sense.

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