7 Simple Tips To Help You Write Great Content

1. Write it like you say it! Most of the time your audience will be people just like you. When you write like you speak you tend to reach your reader at a personal level, and make it easy for them to identify with you, and therefore, it’s easier to get your message through. An article or post is as much a conversation as when meeting a friend for coffee. Invite your reader in with real language.

2. Research first, then write! When you know what you want (or need) to say, it’s much easier to get started. Your knowledge of the subject will allow you best determine a natural flow of ideas from introduction, through the heart of the issue and how to best illustrate your points. When you write on the fly and research as you go, you run the risk of contradicting yourself from one paragraph to the next. If you were reading an article that contradicted itself would you consider the author a credible authority?

3. Remember the rule of thumb: Tell your reader what you are going to write, write what you need to, and then tell them what you wrote. It sounds silly when I put it like that, I know. But it works!

4. Look for a different angle! There are thousands of articles or posts on the internet, and chances are that your reader has already read about the topic before. Give them something different, or approach the subject in a different way, or from a different perspective. Instead of writing how to train a dog, try writing from the dog’s perspective about how he’d like to be trained!

5. Great articles aren’t written, they’re re-written! While many great writers may argue this point, most of us don’t consider ourselves to be great writers. However if we allow a little time between writing and posting to make sure we aren’t getting carried away with passion rather than profession, we can help ensure we can write great articles. It is so easy to miss grammatical and spelling errors in the rush of creativity too! Spell checkers and grammar checkers aren’t perfect; why risk losing readers through carelessness?

6. Personal experience has immense value. While somebody reading your article may be looking for specific information, if you can share a personal anecdote that is relevant to the topic, such as how you solved the problem, or overcame an obstacle, that is not simple self-aggrandizement, use it!

7. Outsource if you need to… Sometimes we aren’t as knowledgeable or as confident as we would like to be. It’s okay to seek help. If you aren’t an expert in the field there are avenues available to you: you can invite a guest contributor, hire a free-lance writer to write the article for you, or seek high quality Private Label Rights content you can use as the basis for your article.

By writing useful, interesting and relevant content, our articles and posts have a far better chance of being re-posted or referred on to new readers. And if continually writing high quality articles and posts will help to ensure our readers keep coming back for more, why not give ourselves the best chance?

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