“6 Tips to a Profitable Joint Venture”

Follow these 6 tips to set up and maintain a profitable affiliate program.  Learn the strategies that can lead to lucrative joint ventures.

Joint ventures are an extremely effective way to break into the Internet business market.  Joint ventures also help to keep your business riding high as you bring in more subscribers and increase sales.  Therefore, an Internet business entrepreneur should participate in and actively seek out joint venture partnerships.

When seeking out and creating joint ventures you should keep a few things in mind.  Following are tips to help you set up and maintain an effective affiliate program in your joint venture.

Joint Venture Tip #1:  You should have an affiliate manager program set up before you take part in a joint venture.  Kick Start Cart is an excellent program to use.

Joint Venture Tip #2:  Place all your digital products on http://www.clickbank.com.  Why?  Clickbank has an established affiliate program that makes it simple to create joint ventures.

Joint Venture Tip #3:  If you are offering a digital product to affiliates then you might want to be more generous to the affiliate.  This means that you offer 70% commission to the affiliate while you take the remaining 30% commission.  Normally, a joint venture has a split of 50/50 for the commission.  However, for digital products the 70/30 split will bring in higher quality and more motivated affiliates.

Joint Venture Tip #4:  Bribe joint venture parties to become your affiliate.  A joint venture partnership needs to be beneficial for both parties involved.  Therefore, you need to make your offering attractive to an affiliate.  What is in it for them?  In certain situations you can offer a 100% commission to affiliates.  This may seem crazy, but it is a long term strategy.  The 100% commission will motivate affiliates to heavily promote and sell your product.  You won’t make the commission at that time, but you will bring in a quality subscriber list which you can promote to and make money off of in the future.

Joint Venture Tip #5:  Find an affiliate program that is easy for BOTH you and the affiliate.  You want to make it as easy possible for an affiliate to partner with you.  You should provide the content for the Google Adwords advertisements, emails, banners, etc. for the affiliates.  Have the content all ready to go so the affiliate can simply take your information and plug it into their strategy.

Joint Venture Tip #6:  Sign up for affiliate programs to find out how they manage their affiliate program.  You don’t necessarily have to sell anything for them.  You just want to model their strategy if it is lucrative.  Success leaves clues.  Use these clues to your benefit.  A great affiliate program to check at is http://www.promotematt.com/.

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