5 Steps to Become a High-earning Affiliate Champion

1. Choose the right affiliate programs.
Today there are tons of products that offer opportunities of making money by joining their affiliate programs. How do you single out the real deal out of the m…

1. Choose the right affiliate programs.

Today there are tons of products that offer opportunities of making money by joining their affiliate programs. How do you single out the real deal out of the millions of scams and silly money games out there? Beware! You may choose the right affiliate have the chance to prosper from the internet or you may be trapped by a get-rich-quick scheme that flushes your money straight down the drain. There is one section in the Affiliate Masters Course eBook that is dedicated to helping you to recognize the real thing from the scams out there. This eBook is wholly written to help you become a high-earning affiliate champion. Download for free here. My favourite affiliate program that has everything the most excellent affiliate program could ever have, based on the requirements in the Affiliate Masters Course above, is Success University.

2. Build a website.

When you plan on doing marketing online, it’s obvious that you need to build your own website. Of course you could simply promote your affiliate link by placing classified ads, or buying expensive homepage links from high traffic websites, or doing other ways that would require huge advertising budget. But there are ways to promote your affiliate link in a much cheaper way: by building your own website. It takes a little bit more effort though, but nowadays there are tons of resources and tools on the internet that can help you design your site inexpensively (and even free) in only a few days. Some webhosting service actually provides easy to use website builder for their customers. All it takes is to follow through the web builder wizard and it’s done. My favourite inexpensive webhosting is CheapWebHosting.

3. Drive targeted traffic to your site.

As you probably know, there are numorous traffic exchange programs that you can sign up for free to drive a mount of traffic to your new site. But to generate sales you don’t want just ANY traffic. You want your traffic come to your site that is targetted. Your visitors should be your target market. How your website is designed, the site concept you use, the keywords you choose, the traffic pulling content that you create and how/ where you do advertising… they all play equally important roles in generating the targetted traffic that you want.

4. Build up your CTR (Click Through Rate)

Not only should the traffic be targetted,… it should also be interested so much by the content of your site that they would actually click on your recommendations: your affiliate links. A website that sounds more like a sales pitch would less likely get clicked on. Your content should be so trustworthy and interesting that your visitors would click on your affiliate links with an ‘open-to-buy’ attitude. Your website must be able to gain your visitor’s trust. The more they trust you, the more they will click through your site.

5. Convert your traffic into dollars.

This step is the most important and exciting part of course. Whether or not your website converts the traffic it gets into dollars or not is determined by the quality of the traffic that you recieve and the ad-copy of your site. If you want to market anything successfully, either online or offline, you have to have a powerful ad-copy that could sell sand in the desert. My favourite simple formula that any illiterate drop-out can use to write advertising copy is this eBook – MastersCopyWriters.

It only takes 5 steps to become a high-earning affiliate champion. And it would take a very long article to present this one as a practical step by step guide on how you can make the 5 steps above. But I don’t need to do that anyway as there already is an eBook that can show you exactly how to do that. You can download this eBook for free here.

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