5 Ways To Monetize Your Blog

A well-run blog can help you:

  • Improve SEO ranking (Google loves fresh content)
  • Drive traffic to your website (e.g. you can promote your fresh content on social media so you are not a one-trick pony)
  • Boost your expert status with high-value and relevant content (people pay more for experts)

BUT, if you don’t have a content marketing strategy to maximize the revenue-generating potential of your blog, you are just typing and hoping for the best.

Here are 5 easy ways you can start to use your blog posts to generate income for you right away:

1. Drive Traffic, Grow Your List

After you labor over a blog post, make sure you share it with the world! Sharing the link to your post will drive traffic to your website, and if your readers like what they see, they are likely to look around.

You can also use this as an opportunity to grow your list. At the end of each blog post, add your newsletter sign up form and ASK your readers to subscribe to your newsletter to get more of such great content. (Scroll all the way down to see this tip in action). If you use WordPress, there is a widget call “After Post” – you just have to set it up once and the sign up form will appear at the bottom of each blog post.

You probably have heard, “money is in the list” – building a loyal, high-quality list is one of the best ways to ensure consistent income and sure-fire launches.

2. Promote Your Evergreen Products/Programs/Services

If you have set a good foundation for your business, you would have your products, programs and services mapped to your sales funnel and showcase your expertise, which is created based on a business model that reflects your dream biz/life.

As your content should evolve around your expertise, it would not be a stretch at all to link a certain topic to your offerings.

Here is the formula: Targeted Traffic + Irresistible Offering = Juicy Payday

3. “Drip Content”: Launch a Product/Program/Service

When you write a series of blog posts on a specific topic leading up to a launch of a product, program or service that goes deep into that topic, you are dripping content to draw potential clients who are interested in that topic into your circle. You are positioning yourself as the expert in that area and you are also building up anticipation for unveiling something awesome. This tactic can increase the success of your launch.

4. Affiliate Marketing

If you are an affiliate of any product or program, you can write a blog post on that topic or a review on that particular product, with an affiliate link so your readers can purchase and you can be paid affiliate commission.

You should pay special care while selecting programs and products. They should be truly of value to your readers, as they are putting their trust in you.

5. Guest Blog + Affiliate Link

To take using affiliate link one step further, you can invite experts who share your target market but offer slightly different services to guest post on your blog. You can set up a guideline such that if they want to include a link to a specific product or program, they need to provide an affiliate link.

When you ask them to share their post with their tribe, you are also driving traffic and building your audience!

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