5 Ways To Help Beat Writer’s Block

Have you ever thought of a topic you wanted to write about for your blog and you sat down to write the content and no words come out? You brainstorm and try to make yourself write, but you can’t get your fingers to type on the keyword or write on paper? Don’t feel alone. That is exactly what writer’s block feels like and it can happen to any blogger (and any kind of writer) at some point and time.

When writer’s block strikes you, try some of the following tips to get back into the flow of writing:

1. Take a Break and Be Creative

Clear your mind from the task at hand and do something creative. Make some updates to your website. Create an infographic you’ve been thinking of doing for your business. Work on customizing your social network backgrounds. Do any type of project that uses the creative part of your brain.

2. Exercise

Get blood pumping throughout your body and exercise. By doing this, it will get more oxygen to your brain and stimulate your mental process. Go for a mile or two walk. Do some housework you’ve been putting off. Try doing yoga to help clear your mind and help your body. Dance around the house like no one is watching. Just get your body moving so that your brain will move as well. When the blood that was diverted to your muscles to keep them going comes rushing back to your cerebral cortex, you will find it’s one of the best times to get that flow of writing going again.

3. Free Writing

Begin writing about things just off the top of your head. It can be about the topic you are wanting to write about for your blog, it can be something completely unrelated. Take a blank piece of paper and whatever pops in your head, write it down. Just get your thoughts out. By doing this, it will help you get into the “state” of writing and then be able to write about your original topic.

4. Change of Scenery

Go to a different location to write. Sometimes a change in your environment will give you inspiration. Take a trip to your local library, grab a table or a computer (depends if you are handwriting or typing). Take your laptop and go to the park. Try out one of the local cafes. Even if there is no wi-fi where you go, you can write offline and upload the content when you get home. A change in your scenery can give you a fresh perspective on writing and help conquer that writer’s block.

5. Time of Day

Change up the time that you work on writing your blog content. If you normally write in the evening, try writing in the morning. Change your schedule around. Breaking a habit like this may help you think in a different perspective and get you going in a brand new way. There are morning people that may think better in the mornings and then night owls that may be more productive in the evenings. Experiment… try writing during different times in the day and see which time works for you.

The next time you sit down to write content for your blog and the words just don’t want to come out, try one of these tips to see if it helps you get back into the flow of writing. If one of them do not work, try another… maybe all five.

Writer’s block is just a speed bump that you can overcome. You just need to determine what you can do to change the way your brain thinks and then get back into the flow of writing!

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