5 Ways To Boost Your Blog Right Now

Blogging is an important resource for marketing any business. A good blog will help to build your business, especially if your business is an online business. Here are 5 simple ways you can boost your blog right now to create more momentum in your business.

1. Check Your Headlines

The headline is the first thing a visitor sees. It must be interesting enough to get that person to stay and read the rest of your post. Think about frequently asked questions, skills they need in their niche, and more. What are the things your audience struggle with? Offer them real solutions.

2. Examine Your Content

You can start improving blog content with your opening line. It should be 8 words or less and “lure” your visitor right away by building the curiosity to read more. The content should be simple to read. Break up text by using bulleted or numbered lists, subheadings, bolding, italics and images. Use transitions between paragraphs to bring the reader from one idea to the next. Write about the Who, What, When, Where and Why of your topic. Finally, you can add in the How of any topic too and come up with a great blog post.

3. What About Your Visuals?

Content without images can be very boring on the eye so include at least one relevant image in each post. It gives the visitor a quick and easy view at what the content will be about. People are very visual, and if you use an eye-catching image on your blog, your readers are much more likely to share your post on social media.

4. Check Your Stats

While there are many different blog statistic programs, most continue to use Goggle Analytics because it works the best. The three things you should look for are:

  • Traffic source: Where are your visitors coming from?
  • Bounce rate: The percentage of people that visit your site, but don’t dig deeper and end up leaving. A high bounce rate can indicate something is wrong in your blog causing them not to stay.
  • Site overlay: For the people that choose to stay, where are they going in your blog? Or more crucial yet, where are they not going?

5. What’s Your Call-To-Action?

If you want your visitor to go somewhere from your blog post, you must have a highly visible means of getting your visitor to go there. A highlighted word that contains a link could accomplish that. Or use a colorful button that tells them to do something like ‘Subscribe’, ‘Download’ or ‘Get It Now’. Make it simple but yet highly visible.

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