5 Ways My Blog Benefits My Online Presence

Starting a blog has been a game changer for me. I admit that once I began blogging, I started enjoying unintended benefits that I didn’t see coming beforehand. In this article, my intent is to share five ways that my blog has benefitted my presence online.

1) My posts are taken more seriously – Honestly, I was very surprised by this development. I am the type that was already active on social media sites and a couple of forums even before I began a blog.

What I found was that after people got wind of the fact that I had a self hosted blog (nothing against the free ones, but your own site is a different animal), I experienced a different kind of engagement: other users started taking my posts and comments seriously! This development ultimately gave me more credibility and authority overall.

2) I am more responsible with my internet presence – This point benefits everyone in my judgement. Let me be clear about this; it was never my style to flame a poster or antagonize anyone. Sure I disagreed with other users across various media, but I didn’t feel the need to be disagreeable.

What I mean is now that I am recognized as a blogger, it quickly occurred to me that my stuff had to be straight. No longer could I just post stuff… I had to make sure that I knew what I was talking about, which meant an extra search to confirm any facts that I threw out there. After all, my name is on all of that stuff now. For real.

3) My digital footprint is followed – In days prior, maybe I could get away with saying one thing on Twitter, another on a forum (without linking the two profiles), and another in the comments section of a newspaper article or digital magazine.

Now I can assure you that I don’t go about my business this way. But once I began blogging, that behavior simply became out of the question. Mind you, I have never had someone call me out for speaking with a forked tongue (again, I feel the need to mention that I don’t do this at all), but when you are building your blog’s brand, this sorta thing is pure folly. Regardless if anyone nailed me on being inconsistent or not, doing so would hurt my reputation. Which hurts my credibility. And that’s a no-no.

4) I have gained the credibility of having a record – It’s funny how having an established record makes what I have to say more credible. Once again, this was a circumstance that I just didn’t expect to profit from when I started.

Here’s what I mean: whether or not someone agreed with my stance that charcoal is superior to propane grilled food, I was buttressed by the fact I had my own site where I made the exact same claims (consistently) over a period of time. What I ended up finding out was that already having a record on my site of taking a given position earned me respect. That really surprised me.

5) Networking is much easier – Of all the benefits discussed so far, this one has wrought me serious dividends. Please understand that other site owners will not just fall into your lap. You gotta get yourself out there. But once you do, people will visit your blog to see what you’re about. And once they do, you will find yourself making connections seemingly all of the time. And it is the opportunities that present themselves from playing the people game that can be truly special!

There you have it. These are my reasons. And the truth is that I would have had no idea that any of these would factor into my blogging positively, beforehand. These tips just go to show that you will never know what you’ll get until you try.

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