5 Tips for Creating Content For Your Blog

You’re ready to start blogging – but where does content come from!

We talked last week about how important blogging is for your business, and hopefully it was inspiring (enough) to help you create a blog or two. But we understand that as much as you know that blogging is important, the challenge is constantly coming up with relevant content, and this really comes as two distinct areas of difficulty:

  1. I don’t like to write, I’m not a good writer.
  2. I never know what to write, how do I know what my market wants to hear?

I’ll try to tackle both with our top 5 suggestions for creating content for your blog:

  1. Read – a lot. And then write what you think. Read industry publications, or just the newspaper. What is current? Is there something going on that could impact your market? Are their new studies being published that you could interpret for your market? Start answering their questions, before they ask! And don’t be afraid to share the blogs of others that compliment your thoughts, social media is about sharing, and contributing.
  2. Keep it simple – your blog doesn’t need to be long, or cover too much. Aim to write one page, and if you find it getting two lengthy, break it up into a series to post over a few weeks. Also, don’t aim too high – start with one blog a week, if you write more this week, put the extra blogs in an archive to publish when you’re busy or on vacation.
  3. Think about the questions you get asked most often, and write a response that speaks to this. Your blog is also a great place to break down myths about your market. I once spoke with a client who worked with individuals with substance abuse, she was providing an incredible service for those who are desperately searching for help. But getting the clients to her was a challenge, they didn’t want to be identified or feel singled out, and so we brainstormed messaging that was compassionate and reinforced the safe place she was creating for her clients (and their families). Her blog became a beautiful resource.
  4. What are you working on right now? Give a small “sneak preview” to your followers. Thinking of offering a new product or service? Start blogging about it.
  5. Always have writers block? Enlist the help of a ghostwriter. They can be a HUGE help, and time saver. There are several ways to work with a writer, and a good one will find the way that works best for you, and create consistent content that looks and feels like you. We recommend to our clients to simply share everything they’ve already created, and let us filter through it to start creating their content.

And one final tip – create a content calendar and let this become your framework for content. I highly recommend you check out: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/how-to-create-a-social-media-content-calendar-for-a-year/

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