4Ps of Blogging

In 2016 Rule Over the Hearts of Your Audience With 4Ps of Blogging

In this age of innovative ideas and novel concepts, nothing is more powerful than a perfect blog because words make a strong impact on people’s mind. Renowned English novelist and playwright of the nineteenth century, Edward Bulwer-Lytton has introduced the world with a very evident truth in his own words, he said, “The pen is mightier than the sword”, today it is a source of inspiration for thousands of passionate bloggers around the world. In present times, blogging is the most interactive, expressive and impactful medium of communication for businesses, socialites, trend setters and change makers, but a majority of bloggers is unable to get optimum returns from it.

Now, the question arises, is there something similar to 4Ps of marketing in the blogging? The answer is very much affirmative, and here I would like to explain 4Ps of blogging, which are quite essential for creating a great post. These 4Ps of blogging are Post, Prospects, Placement and Promotion. One by one, we will discuss the meaning and significance of each ‘P’.

1. Post – The affable composition

If you want to delight your target audience, then treat it like a brand as an intelligent marketer treats a product. Nurture and nourish it like your baby and even before conceiving an idea, start dreaming about the future of your blog. Pick a unique theme, explore ideas, and if required, collect some useful and relevant data to reinforce your message. Create a convincing title and develop some key pointers to lay a strong foundation. Now, start your blog step by step, and once it gets complete, review it like a reader, not as a blogger. And, after proper evaluation and corrections, embellish your content with relevant, interesting and eye-catching visuals.

2. Prospects – Keep calm and study your audience

Prospects mean your target audience, they are the ultimate consumers of your post. Therefore, like a good marketer always try to understand the needs and wants of your readers, analyze the demographic profile of the people whom you want to interact and serve them. Things like the average age of the readers, their educational qualifications, geographical location, linguistic abilities, their culture, interests & inclinations, and trends that they love to pursue help you understand the people who would likely follow your post. So, it is highly advisable to write a blog after reading your audience and never ever play with their emotions because they are not just readers, they are your brand ambassadors who like, comment and share your post.

3. Placement – Choose a strategic launchpad

Are you ready with a nice piece of writing, which is created as per the needs and demands of your prospective readers? Now, where to publish it is another valid question. You cannot get the same response from all blog sites or social media channels. But, as you are well aware of your target audience, you can smartly decide a right platform. For instance, if you want an extensive reach, guest blogging is not a worthy idea, but if you are targeting a niche segment, then your own blog page will be the best platform. Similarly, people who write about business, marketing, industry trends, social media, public relations, advertising and other such subjects, they prefer to publish their post on LinkedIn and Tumblr because these are the perfect places to entice professionals and businesses.

4. Promotion – Grab attention and get noticed

With so many social networking sites out there, it has become incredibly simple for bloggers to promote their content. You can add various plugins, including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and others on your blog page. Use one or two relevant and trendy hashtags on your social media post so that anyone who search for that hashtag may find your post. For better outreach, notify people and influencers through personalized emails. Respond to the likes and comments of the readers, share blogs of the other writers and develop good relations with them. Moreover, to enhance the reach of your blog, use some relevant keywords both in the title and the body of your post.

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