40 Good Blog Post Titles For Any Industry

Are you looking for inspiration for your next blog post? Here are 40 good titles for you which will inspire your next blog, You can change up the subject to suit your industry and a niche within your industry.

Good titles answer a question your customers are asking and make it easy for them. Words which take the work out of something or can speed things up – for example ‘do something’ in 30 minutes or less always attract attention and also the opposite achieve something ‘or more’ at the end are also good.

‘7’ or ’10’ top tips and also xxx simple steps or easy steps or steps you gran can do to doing or achieving something will get read.

Here are some titles to get you started, but make it easy and quick is the key.

  1. Your Mother’s Guide to xxxx
  2. 10 Websites You’ll Love if You’re Passionate About xxxx
  3. 10 Must-Read Books for xxxx

  4. 10 Must-Read Blogs for xxxx

  5. The Quick Guide to xxxx

  6. How to Get Results from xxxx in 20 Minutes a Day

  7. How to Outsource xxxxx

  8. Opt-in Box Best Practices

  9. How to Write An Amazing About Us Page

  10. Most Under-Appreciated: The FAQ Page

  11. 10 Ways to Reduce Your Bounce Rate

  12. Google Analytics for People Who Fear Math

  13. A Beginner’s Guide to Google (+, AdWords, Analytics etc)

  14. Go Mobile or Go Home

  15. Should You Optimize for Bing?

  16. 10 Ways to Get Twitter Followers

  17. Video Marketing for the Unattractive

  18. The Secret Life of Your Unsubscribes

  19. Why Time on Site Matters

  20. xx Good Blog Post Titles for xxxx

  21. Inbound Marketing Vs. Content Marketing: What’s The Difference?

  22. Three Kinds of Media and How to Serve Them

  23. What Criminals Can Teach Us About xxxx

  24. Unforgivable Landing Page Mistakes

  25. Housecleaning Tips for xxxx

  26. What Dogs Can Teach Us About xxxx

  27. How to Pick the Perfect Niche

  28. Keyword Research in 2014

  29. Stupidest xxxx Mistakes

  30. 10 TED Talks Every xxxx Must See

  31. How to Steal Your Competition’s Keywords

  32. 10 Essential xxxx items/tools

  33. 10 Essential xxxx Skills

  34. The Ultimate xxxx Survival Kit

  35. A User’s Guide to xxxx

  36. The Definitive Guide to xxxx

  37. 10 Things you don’t know about xxxx

  38. What nobody told you about xxxx

  39. How To xxxx in 30 Minutes or Less

  40. 20 Must DOs and 10 Definitely DONT’s of xxxxx

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