4 Strategies for Making Money Online Affiliate Marketing

Making money with affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online, if you can drive traffic to your site. Here are 4 powerful ways to drive targeted traffic to your affiliate marketing site.

Making money with affiliate marketing is without a doubt one of the best ways to make money online. But, to have long term success and a real affiliate marketing business that you can rely on to make money not just for now, but for a long time to come, you need to build a list. Having a quality targeted list is like having hundreds of buyers waiting to buy your next program. Of course, in order to have people opt in and buy product from you, they have to know where to find you. That’s where your most important task for making money online comes in, driving traffic to your site. But not any traffic will do, you need high quality targeted traffic that can be converted to sales. Which means people who are actively looking for what you are offering. Here are 4 of the most powerful ways, successful affiliate marketers use to drive quality targeted traffic to their affiliate marketing site.



PPC (Paid Per Click)
PPC is basically an advertisement method in which you pay for your site to be shown, when certain keywords are used in their search engines. The best site for ppc advertising is Google Ad words. The secret to using Ad words is not to bid high on popular keywords. It actually is using similar keywords that still describe your website, but aren’t used as much as the popular keywords. The reason being that these keywords will cost you much less than the popular ones, which means more bang for your buck.


Another great way for driving targeted traffic to your website is blogging. An important point to remember is to have your blog hosted on the same website as the sales page which links to your affiliate program. Once your blog is setup, you need to fill it with god quality content, which are related to your affiliate program or products.

submit your RSS feed to as many blog search engines as you can. Submitting your feeds will put your blog content out there for other webmasters to use as content feeds on their websites. It’s a win win situation in which both you and the other webmasters benefit from. The webmaster gets to have quality content on his website, while you get to drives targeted traffic to your site. That means that your link is on a blog feed that is on thousands of websites.


Article Marketing
Writing Article is another method for driving quality targeted traffic. Article marketing is almost the same as blogging with one main difference: the information in an article will need to have more useful content, and it should be more keyword reach. After completing your article, you will need to submit (syndicate) it to article directories as opposed to blog search engines. Make sure you include a link back to your site in your article. Article marketing not only helps you gain a nigher page rank, it also is a great way to drive highly targeted traffic to your site.


Reciprocal linking
Linking is another method and perhaps the most widely used form of increasing traffic and page rank. But doing it the wrong way could hurt your Google page rank and ultimately loosing potential buyers. You will need your own website to use this technique, so you can have a “link” page to place your reciprocal links on. Some people submit their URL links to link farms in an attempt to trick Google into giving them a better page rank. But it doesn’t work, and in some cases Google will even penalize such websites by lowering their page rank.

The secret to linking is to find websites in your niche market which have a Google page rank of 4 or above, and enticing the webmaster to list your link on their website. While you may think it just helps your competition, it actually drives traffic to your site. Most people click on a link when leaving a website. If your link is there, it has a chance of getting clicked and sending traffic to your site.



These simple strategies will work wonders for you if done correctly. They are some of the best ways to bring massive amounts of high quality targeted traffic to your website. When you have the targeted traffic, it comes down to your sales page and how effective it is. That’s when a well placed opt-in email list enables you to succeed in the long term in making money with affiliate marketing.

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