3 Powerful Words

I should have listened to an internet veteran back in 2000.

Learn from my mistake…

Allan Gardyne, of AssociatePrograms.com told me 3 powerful
words that I overlooked as just too broad and simplistic…

And it’s important that you hear this too so you won’t waste
time or make the same mistake I did…

His very words to me in a personal email were…

“Just Get Started”

I remember he went on to say that was the most important

Now I bet that went right through you transparent with about
zero impact – just like it hit me too, right?…

But don’t let those 3 powerful words disguised as too
simplistic fool you…

It took me almost 4 years later to catch-on and wise up. You
see, I sat on the sidelines of online marketing far too

To me all this marketing stuff seemed like a giant
catch 22…

I thought I needed to know a lot more than I knew at the
time before I could actually get started… I felt I didn’t
have enough knowledge, so how could I get it all

Freeze – Stop – Do Not Pass Go – & Do Not Collect any

As it turns out, I was wrong in hindsight… Because
marketing is momentum. It’s something you build-on as you
go… the snowball effect.

Let me stress that again… “marketing is momentum”.

Remember that… And while you DO need to keep expanding
your knowledge in different areas – you can start
implementing the things you learn as you go.

And you will be surprised because along the way you can
start earning commissions while building your marketing
momentum. This is something I was late to realize…

Again- learn from my mistake…

Just as an intern becomes a doctor or as we date before the
marriage, it should be the same in marketing…

We must practice doing what we want to become… It’s an
evolution of a process in the making…

Ah… the magic bullet?

Not really… but the closest you will find to it…

So don’t just sit on the sidelines… Get out there and do
the ‘Nike’… Let me explain more…

The typical ‘pondering ditch’ many seem to fall into… (or
should I say ‘fail’ into)… is that they don’t understand
that a major part of the success formula is to
“just get started”.

Heck… I didn’t even believe this online marketing thing
was real until I saw real commissions congratulate me in
my own email box… (and this is something that once it
happens you’re hooked :>D

However, I once entertained the thought that making a living
online was reserved for gurus only …


But I had to prove that to myself… And you will too unless
you take my word for it which you should simply because it’s

Your own beliefs can be what’s holding you back. But don’t
let anything stop you because when you are frozen going
nowhere, remember there are others making commissions every
day, week and every month…

So why can’t it be YOU?

The fact is there are people just like you – people you will
never get to hear about… but they are out there doing it
right now as you are reading this.

Yes, many of them are making their living online quietly…

Now imagine if I had listened to Allan back in 2000?

So what’s holding you back?

Well what I have found the hard way is you don’t have to
wait to get started… You don’t even have to write your
own ebook or create a membership site or any of that if
that’s not your thing… You can do affiliate marketing.

But to start profiting online you have to follow these
3 very powerful words of advice…

“Just Get Started” (or like Nike says it, “Just Do It!”)

As soon you make your first sale you’ll be amazed how your
commissions will begin to add up… And you’ll find ways to
build it from there. No pipe dreams here… this is real.

There are many possibilities so just listen to those 3
powerful words. And if you implement them… you’ll finally
discover a formula to start your own online marketing
business now… not years down the road…

So please don’t waste time… “just get started”
and learn from my mistake…

Go for it now… it’s YOUR success… but don’t make it wait
any longer than it has to.

By Michael Nicholas
(c) 2005

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