3 Great Sources of Content for Your Article Marketing Campaigns

Article marketing is a popular and effective way of promoting any online business, blog or website. But sometimes we run out of ideas of what to write about..

In this article I will look at the situation that sometimes occurs for article marketers and it is this..say you want to write about weight loss, dating, marriage, making money and you are decided on which broad category you want to write about but you just can’t think of a specific topic.

Three great ways around this to help you hone in on a specific topic for your next article are as follows-
1)    Brainstorm with friends/neighbours/partner/spouse.

This just involves sitting around with your partner, spouse or friends and striking up a conversation about, say, making money with a home business if that is your chosen market and you will be amazed how much fodder you will get for your next series of articles.

2)    Make a list

Say you wish to write articles about dating; make a list of do’s and don’ts which can form the basis of your next 10 articles. Each do or don’t can form the basis of an article when you flesh it out properly. Always have a notebook handy so that if you are out shopping or driving your car and an idea comes to you or you see something that triggers an idea, jot it down.
Soon you will have a notebook full of topics for your next article and you will never be stuck for something to write about.

3)    Watch the news on TV and check out social bookmarking sites

These 2 activities are great ways to keep your finger on the pulse of what society is doing or thinking at any point in time, especially if you are writing articles for a younger audience and need to tap into that market.

Hopefully these 3 simple but overlooked ways to generate ideas for your next series of articles will ensure that you are never staring at a blank sheet of paper again and wondering “what will I write about?”.

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