3 Strategies to Make Your Blog Posts More Relevant

Content is the way forward for all business. We live in a day and age where there are so many people selling all kinds of things and it is so easy to get lost in the midst of an overcrowded marketplace. It is your content that will help you stand out.

Your content, in the form of blog posts, videos, audios, graphics and more, are a way for you to get your message out to the world and more than your message about your products or services, it is possible to get your unique voice out through all your content but…

And this is a big but, it can feel pretty hard to do the work of creating the content. It feels easier to go straight for the sale until you realize that it is not working out the way you want it to work because there is no reason for customers to buy from you rather than the other person selling what you are selling but who has a body of content that helps them stand out as an expert.

You need to have a body of work that expresses who you are, expresses what you are about and your particular thoughts about your product or service or business opportunity. This way, you will attract people more like you, people who think the way you do and then the key thing to realize is that they will be a lot more loyal to you.

Here are a few ideas for you to make those blog posts interesting.

1. Be You

You may think you are not interesting enough but people are interested in people and whatever you particular slant is on the topics you choose to speak about, there will be a group of others who agree with you. They will not know all this about you unless you tell them so stop hiding and show up in your business.

2. Choose Topics of Interest To Your People

How do you find interesting topics? Pop over to popular Facebook pages in your niche and see what questions are being asked by the fans in the comments. Pop over to Amazon and read reviews on books in your marketplace – some of those reviews will detail some of the questions people wanted answers to but the book did not provide it. Another method would be to use the ‘look inside’ feature on Amazon and read the table of contents and therefore get ideas for topics that would be relevant in your niche.

3. Ask the people in your world

Do you already have a platform on social media? Then ask people what they are interested in knowing more about. Tell them you are putting together a piece of content and what would they like to know. This, of course, sets them up to be willing to read it as well if you actually go on to answer the questions they ask.

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