3 Easy Ways to Find New Ideas for Your Blog

Do you feel like you constantly struggle to come up with ideas for your blogs, newsletters and social media? Believe it or not, I used to blank out all the time too. Seriously. But I’ve figured out ways to generate ideas for new and interesting content that keeps my audiences engaged and support my business growth. In this article, I’m sharing 3 of the tried-and-true ways I draw upon to create topic ideas that you can use as well, no matter what your expertise or niche may be.

1. Use Questions to Create Articles

Huh? Sounds weird, right? It’s actually genius. Using questions to inspire great topic ideas is easy and effective. And it goes a little something like this:

  • First, consider the questions you hear most from people at networking events, speaking engagements, via email and on your social media.
  • Second, take those questions and turn them into articles that share the question, then the answer.
  • Now, you’ve got valuable content that shares information that you know people are seeking – and you can refer future inquisitive types to your blog/website, etc where they can soak up your knowledge and more!

2. Look to Others for Inspiration

You read a great article or hear a great speech and you’re totally inspired. You’d love to write about the same thing on your blog and put your personal spin on it. You know this is something that would benefit your audience, but don’t want to plagiarize that other person’s content. What to do?

This is great, actually. We are all inspired by people around us in one way or another. To share how they inspire us is powerful stuff. To avoid ethical or legal dilemma’s, just be sure not to reprint their article or speech in its entirety. Share a short part of it to give your thoughts context, give full attribution to the author, share what you liked about it, what inspired you and why you are sharing it with your readers. Discuss whether you agree or disagree and why. Provide your own references, data and/or examples to support your thoughts. And be sure to let readers know where to find the full article with a hyperlink to take them there.

3. Comments That Create Content and Conversation

A golden opportunity for you to create conversation and content hides within the comments that are on your blog and other popular blogs in your area of expertise. To create content, read through the questions and thoughts that other people leave and you’ll be surprised at how many great ideas you can pick up. Write articles that answer their questions or expand on the thoughts and points that others make. Next, to create conversation, reply to the people who inspired you and let them know about the article you wrote so that they can read it and respond.

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