3 Easy Things You Could Be Missing Out on Your Blog

You ever wonder how some people in the blogosphere make it big while most others just seem to lessen into the darkness? When I started blogging a few years back this was always on my mind. So much so that it kept me up at night sometimes. I wanted so bad to be up there with the big bloggers. I had no idea how they did it but I was driven to figure it out and unlock their secrets.

Let me start by saying this: There is no classified information. There is no magic wand they flick and there is no magic mirror on the all. When I recognized their simple formulas for accomplishment… I have to be honest that I was a bit disappointed. I had my expectations so high! So convinced was I that they had this long drawn out and complex blueprint for their lasting ascendancy that it could be written out on all the walls of your den… But, that simply wasn’t the case.

If you want some quick tips on how you can take your blog to the next level then you’re on the right page. Anyway, here’s some quick blog tips I’ve found to be quite convenient.

Name your Audience

This is something I often see go right over the heads of many bloggers. Sure you may have some great content that may help the entire human populace but in the blogging world you capture less fish when you cast your net too wide. It’s counter intuitive but you’ll have to bet on me on this one.

Actually… let me see if I can put this into an example for you. Let’s use Facebook for example: Say you have over one thousand friends on your profile and you have a link you yearn to share with your online friends. This link is about learning how to produce homemade bread. Now everybody can benefit from learning how to make their own bread. It inspires creativity. It’s an almost healing method. You can possibly produce some delicious tasting stuff with the right kind of practice. And it’s just downright fun when you get friends and family involved.

Here’s the thing though; of those one thousand friends, only a handful of them may find the link the appropriate. Many of them might even see the link and find it interesting but not interesting enough to actually do something about it.

Does that make sense? It does in my head.

Find Out What They Really Wish

Once you have defined your lovely audience you should classify their needs and desires. Find out what makes them tick or what keeps them up at night. If you can do this and solve these problems for free, then you will their new savior!

*Attention peoples of the faith (of any kind) this is only a phrase I’m using to drive the point home. I’m not recommending anyone claim godhood of any kind. =)

You, for instance, may have come across this post because one of your wants and needs is to learn a few tips on how to boost your blog stats by which point I have so graciously provided you with exactly what you were looking for… now bow down and claim me your savior!

Get Real

In all seriousness. Stop being like everyone else and open telling your own story. Your audience long someone who will inspire them and motivate them. One of the ways you can do this is to have your own preference. Be real. Don’t be disinclined to have opinions of your own. It’s what separates you from everyone else out there that is spitting out the same old stuff. Trust me, you can never go wrong by being YOU and serving people in an authoritative way.

Not only does this make you shine differently from the rest but it builds YOUR brand. The YOU brand. Not someone else’s company or affiliate system. YOU.

This leads me to my next pro blogging tip. WAIT! I lied? I titled this post THREE Quick tips to take your blogging to the next level! Can ya forgive me? I couldn’t resist giving an extra nugget (what a weird saying).

Be Specific

Too many internet and network marketers out there have the cliché ‘Entrepreneur, Speaker, Coach’ taglines on their websites. Yeah we get that you’re an entrepreneur and you have a neat and fancy blog to show for it… but you’re those things for what industry and profession? Are you a speaker and coach for nurses? And to add on top of that: What are you a speaker and coach for? Do you coach nurses on how to become nurse practitioners or how to better connect with their patients?

There are so many things you can get specific on to really narrow down the people in which you are trying to reach and to do some serious branding for yourself.

What do you think? Have you done these things concerning your blog? How has it worked for you in the past if you have tried these blog tips? Let me know in the comments!

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