3 Crucial Blogging Tools For Creating a Profitable Weblog

A blog is an avenue for making money for very savvy online business people. But it must be noted that just owning a blog does not translate into money.

For you to turn your blog into an income-earning tool you need to get some other tools that will aid you in this goal. Below is a list of 3 of the most important ones that you need.

1) Google AdWords Keyword Planner

This is a useful tool within the industry of online marketing whether or not you’re involved in affiliate advertising and marketing, MLM, or selling your personal products.

Why? This is simply because this tool aids you to understand what individuals are looking for on the web. It aids you to know what words surfers look for in the search engines like Google to obtain information about a particular topic.

By way of example, for anyone who is selling a tutorial that teaches the subject of ‘Dog Breeding’, what will be the most likely words are people going to variety in Google to find your solution?

They are probably going to search for keyword phrases and keyphrases like ‘how you can breed dogs’, ‘how to breed a dog’, ‘dog breeding’, ‘dog breeding education’, ‘dogbreeds’, ‘german shepherds’, and so on in Google.

What exactly is the value of those keywords?

Their value lies in the fact they help you to know what keyword phrases to insert within your post so that your blog post can come up at the top in the search engine final results.

I advocate to my weblog readers that they find out the relevant keywords ahead of publishing their weblog posts.

That is what will bring hordes of visitors to their blog.

The good news is that this tool costs nothing.

What you need to do is sign up for an AdWords account in Google. You’ll be able to sign up right here.

Click right here to discover how to use Google Keyword Planner

2) Affiliate Hyperlink Redirection Tool

This is a different tool which you will require on your weblog. Now I’m assuming your weblog is usually a WordPress type. This only works on a WordPress blog.

In the event you’re into affiliate marketing, MLM, or generally promoting services and products of other people, then you unquestionably will need this tool.

What it does is that it assists to create a professional-looking, catchy, and quickly remembered affiliate hyperlink.

It uses your domain name (ie the URL of one’s blog) to create the nice-looking affiliate link rather than the ugly, long link that is the usual format.

Obviously the latter looks a lot more presentable. It has a higher chance of generating clicks by your weblog visitors so that they visit the sales web page of your affiliate merchandise.

When they make purchase on the payment page, you get commissions for you.

There are lots of hyperlink redirection tools on the market.

Right in this article I’ll talk about 2.

One is PrettyLink and it is a good tool. I utilized this when I used to make use of the ordinary WordPress blog.

To use this you may have download the plugin and install it on your self-hosted weblog.

Now I use Linkify which is currently installed on the Kalatu Blogging Platform (which is exactly what I use now).

Here there’s no need for you to download and install any plugin. Almost everything has been carried out for you.

3) Autoresponder

This is an extremely important tool for you personally when it comes to building a list. And on the subject of making income on the web, building a list of subscribers is amongst the most essential things you have to do!

Not building your list is like losing 80-90% of your potential revenue.

After you send people to a sales page to make a purchase, in most instances only 10 to 20% of the visitors will buy the product the first time.

So what the top rated earners inside the online marketing business do is usually to capture the emails of their prospects and send them messages in their inboxes.

Inside many of the emails are their links to their affiliate offers. This reminds the customers that he has not purchased the offer and gives him a compelling purpose to get it.

Depending on the selling ability of the web marketer, the prospects at some point purchases the solution down the line, usually after a number of emails.

From statistics, most people that buy the product make the decision from the follow-up emails by savvy net marketers.

And this is where you need the autoresponder comes in.

An autoresponder is really a tool that sends these emails to all of your subscribers simultaneously, no matter the number of subscribers you have. Your subscribers could be 50 or a 200,000, it does not matter.

Picture sending every and just about every one of your leads email message individually. That’s scary, right?

Apart from which you may also schedule an email in advance to become posted on a future date.

You can set up an email to be sent to a visitor that just inputted their email in the squeeze page.

The email you’re sending can be a welcome message, email on convincing your prospects on why your product is important to him and the reason he should really purchase your product, ways to have access to a free product you’re giving away, ways to access the information he just paid for and so on and so forth.

All these messages are automated. It operates on it own without you having to do anything. That is what I will call a set-and-forget method.

There are numerous autoresponder services around viz GetResponse, Aweber, Infusionsoft, Mailchimp, iContact, Ontraport, etc.

Out of all Aweber and GetResponse are amongst the best.

You are able to pick any out of those autoresponders but the autoresponder I chose is GetResponse.

I have reasons for my choice. Aside from the fact that it’s incredibly easy to utilize, you could basically use it free of charge (rather than paying as much as $15 to $60 monthly).

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