3 Benefits For Being Consistent With Your Content

In a future post I’ll get to perfecting your blog writing and posting process, but for now I want to give you three reasons why blogging is a cornerstone of any inbound marketing campaign. Without regular content creation, your inbound efforts will fall flat. Blogging about the latest news, new products, and topics your audience is interested in is the best way to improve the authority of your business, and bring in new, qualified leads.

If you’re a marketer in charge of your company’s blog, or a writer tasked with coming up with new post ideas and need to get buy-in from management, read on.

Traffic Improvement

Having a 90% conversion rate from your site doesn’t mean much if the only traffic you get is from coworkers. Creating regular content gives your social media team something to work with. Sharing on social media, in newsletters or even a weekly blog subscription gets more eyes on your website. None of this can happen without having something to promote. Well-written content also entices others to link to your site, and drive traffic from referrals.

More traffic means more leads.

SEO Benefits

Not only will your traffic naturally increase due to folks clicking on your headline, but you’ll make Google happy, too. Regular posting results in SEO improvements in several ways. First, with every post comes the opportunity to target long-tail keywords, which helps with just getting your pages onto Google’s radar. Second, the more pages your site has, the more authority you’ll seem to have and this helps drives your placing higher in search.

Finally, websites that are regularly updated also get the attention of Google, as your content is not static and is therefore timely. Even adding a recent posts module on your homepage will improve your search rankings.

Long-Term Lead Generation

While some posts are going to be timely and meant for current readers, many posts can be updated over time and made for the future. Longer, in-depth posts, or those that round up articles on the same topic, are perfect for prospects visiting your site later and can continue to generate traffic and good conversions over time.

My rule of thumb is posts that I write now are the customers I’ll get in a year.

If you want to know more about the benefits of blogging, and why you need to create a sustainable strategy for your marketing team, take a look at this article by HubSpot.

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