2 Easy Methods For Generating Comments To Your Blog

We all want an interactive, high-traffic blog, right? For those of us in the business, that is one of the primary goals. But how can it be achieved? Well like most things, there are many ways to reach your goal. And I’ll share with you my method for generating comments.

The deal is that there is no magic solution. But the direct answer is you have to be willing to put in the time to work a method until it produces results. And that’s not going to happen in a day or after posting to three different sites. If you want results, you have to work for them.

But you already knew that right? Good, let’s move on.

The primary method I use is forum posting. Somehow, I figure that you’ve heard this before. But that’s because it works! What I do is visit a forum that I actually enjoy, and proceed to engage in conversation. I don’t spam ‘GO TO XYZ SITE!!’ 20 times a day. I just post naturally. But the key is that I have an ad for my site as my forum signature. Then, if anyone gets value from my content, they will go to my site.

But here’s the twist; I make certain to comment in threads that are related to my particular post(s). And in my posts on the forum I reference my blog posts with the requisite link. In order to remain natural, it is best to include your site link only once. In fact, I reserve it for the lengthy, detailed posts. This looks natural. A one sentence comment with a link looks like spam. Remember that.

I also comment on blogs. Again, the key here is that you should go to blogs in your niche that 1) legitimately get traffic 2) whose content you enjoy, and 3) visit somewhat regularly. Here’s what you do:

*Read the article (yes, read. Don’t skim)

*Comment on what you have read

*Compliment the author on an aspect of his/her post

That’s it. Or tweet or post props on social media. Simple right? Yes, it is. But where most folks go wrong is that they can barely get a comment out before they’re plugging their own stuff. And no one likes that. Put it this way – do you want some jerk to come to your blog and post ‘great stuff, check this out to make money while you sleep!’

Don’t be one of those. To stand out, you want to read the follow the three steps above. This helps you, because you’ll be advancing the conversation, and look wise & classy while doing it. Not only that, but when you drop a sincere compliment on the blog’s author, they WILL take notice. So will their readers. And that’s when people click your link.

But only after a couple of comments (sometimes even in the chat under that initial post) that you casually mention your take on that same subject through your link. If you do this properly, you are guaranteed several comments that you were after all along!

And there you have it. Two simple methods for generating comments on your own blog. I know that these aren’t of the quick fix variety, but the impact that they can have on your campaign is worth the effort. And the cool part is once you get good at it, you will pull comments out of your visitors with ease.

Try it. You just might be surprised.

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