15 Amazing Blog Post Ideas

It can often be difficult to continuously come up with ideas for your blog posts.

Here are 15 inspirational ideas you can use time and time again to keep your blog full of fresh interesting content to amuse, advise and inspire your readers.

1. The most recent topic currently trending on other apps such as Twitter

2. Your first embarrassing moment and what you learned from it, where you were, who it involved, why you were embarrassed and how it affected you or improved you

3. Teachers you had at school and how they supported you in your education to get where you are today. subjects they taught and the advice they gave in regard of your potential career, exams and success

4. Your favorite pop star or idol and how they made it big, starting from their childhood, first break or song, first recordings, songs and awards

5. Places you have visited on holiday, abroad or at home, who you went with, how long you stayed, the weather and activities you participated in while there

6. Your last 10 purchases and why you bought them as they could be clothing, food, cosmetics, a car, holiday, chocolate and sweets

7. Your favorite TV adverts and why you like them, what they tempt you to buy because of their catchline, benefits, colour, odour

8. The most recent charity fundraising events you have taken part in such as a run, abseil or sponsored swim or contributed to such as donations to a hospice, sponsoring a runner or cyclist to achieve a demonstrative feat

9. The worst or best job you have ever had, who you worked for, what your duties were, colleagues and customers that made an impression and skills you gained

10. Pets you have bought and their story for example, their name, type, how long they lived, how you cared for them, treats and food you gave them, tricks they learned

11. Song lyrics which meant something to you and why including memories they stir and moments in your life they mark for example your wedding, child’s favourite music

12. Diets and foods you have tried, for various reasons including to lose weight, for health or medical reasons, simply because you like it or because you bought a boat load of it on special offer

13. Books you have read, authors and sequels of films they have been turned into

14. Your best friends and what you experienced together, how long you have now them

15. Favorite clothes and clothing brands you use or wear, the best place to buy them and the reasons why such as their fit, size, material, look and design.

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